Lyon: A Third Suspect Arrested in the Murder Case Broadcast on TikTok

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In Lyon, A third suspect arrested in the murder case broadcast on TikTok

INVESTIGATION: The Lyon public prosecutor’s office indicated that a third suspect had been arrested in the case of the murder filmed for TikTok. The two men suspected of being the attackers were already indicted last week

It would be the holder of the TikTok account on which the images were broadcast, according to Le ProgrèsA third suspect was arrested and indicted as part of the investigation into the fatal beating in Lyon of a 54-year-old man, filmed and posted on the social network, the prosecution said on Tuesday. No details were given from a judicial source on the man arrested, nor on the charge of the indictment. He was remanded in custody.

The victim’s body was found in early February thanks to reports from the Pharos platform, which allows the general public to report illegal behaviour and content. She had alerted on February 3rd to the broadcast of this video representing a scene of violence showing a man lying on the ground, partially naked and the victim of beatings. The images had been intercepted before their release by the network’s moderation system.

Two men already indicted

Shortly after the report, the first investigations made it possible to locate the apartment where the facts occurred and to recognize the two attackers, who appear on the video.

Two men were arrested “while they were sleeping in the adjoining bedroom” of a living room where the lifeless body of a man was found in an apartment in the centre of Lyon. They were indicted last week for “murder accompanied by acts of torture and barbarism” and imprisoned.

The investigation continues “on the count of murder in an organized gang”, aggravated by torture and acts of barbarism.

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