Aktiv'Park opened on April 6th, 2019 in Plaisance-du-Touch near Toulouse. This new leisure area offers multiple activities for the whole family.

Foam Pit, Trampolines, Ninja Course: Near Toulouse, an Indoor Leisure Park has Opened

Aktiv’Park opened on April 6th, 2019 in Plaisance-du-Touch near Toulouse. This new leisure area offers multiple activities for the whole family. This is a novelty near Toulouse. It was April 6, 2019 that Aktiv’Park opened in Plaisance-du-Touch (Haute-Garonne) west of Toulouse. This new indoor leisure park brings together in the same area many sports and fun activities for the family. Ten zones of […]

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Overview of a small part of Futuropolis with, just behind, one of the flagship building of Futuroscope.

Futuroscope Invents Futuropolis, the Dream City of Children

A city like no other has just opened in the famous technological and scientific leisure park. A city of the future imagined for and by children … 21 activities spread over 3 hectares and entirely dedicated to children and their parents. This is the 2019 novelty of the Futuroscope . His name: Futuropolis . Built on the basis of a city of the future, it […]

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Three out of four children breathe polluted air in France

Pollution: Three out of Four Children Breathe Toxic Air in France, According to Unicef

ENVIRONMENT: “We call for respect for children’s rights, including living in a healthy environment,” says Unicef, which calls on the public authorities of France to act Three out of four children breathe toxic air in France, according to an alarmed Unicef France, in a report released Thursday. This is the first time the UN agency has taken up this theme in […]

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In Cherbourg, three people dead including two children

Cherbourg: Three Dead including Two Children, an Inter-Family Murder

FIRE: A burnt body, mother in Shock, two children dead, a third child is in a “very serious but stable” state Three people, including two children , died this Saturday in  Cherbourg  in an apartment where firefighters intervened for a fire. On their arrival, the firefighters discovered “three children, wounded by knives and having lost consciousness”, and “in the room […]

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Paternity leave is currently 11 consecutive days.

Future Dads, Paternity Leave Could Go From 11 to 21 Days

One report proposes to increase all birth and paternity leave to four weeks. 12 days more than the current legal framework. Details. Go from 11 days to two or three weeks. A report of the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs (Igas) recommends an extension of paternity leave, making it possible to bring all paternity and birth leave to four weeks . It was handed […]

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Activities for children in Quimper for August

Quimper: Shows for Children, until 11th August

In August, in Quimper, children are princes! Many activities, free for the vast majority, are offered: theatre, puppets, stories … Wednesday 1st August 2018, the wind of Fulupiks give in Quimper , the starting signal for all shows and all the activities offered as part of the festival ‘s children are princes , and this until the 11th August. The festival is now […]

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Plenty of activities in Cherbourg this Sunday

Sunday in Cherbourg: No rain, Only Solutions …

When the weather is not conducive to coastal walks or outdoor activities, there are plenty of opportunities for small and large on Sundays in Cherbourg. Culture / Entertainment 3 cinemas : the Mega CGR and the Odeon in Cherbourg and the Palace in Equeurdreville which broadcasts films of authors, films in original version and regularly proposes debate evenings. Although the VO is not […]

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A father in Normandy against compulsory vaccinations

Vaccination: This Father of Normandy alert Deputies: “You Take our Children Hostage”

Jacques Bessin, a family man from Lisieux (Calvados), is preparing to send a letter to all MPs about the possible exclusion of unvaccinated children. Details. He does not fool. Jacques Bessin, a resident of Lisieux (Calvados) father of two children who are not vaccinated is about to send MPs a letter about compulsory vaccination and the possible exclusion of nurseries and schools children […]

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The town of Aulnay-sous-Bois is implementing small Pieto silhouettes near schools

Seine-Saint-Denis: Aulnay Installs Fake Pedestrians to Protect Children

ROAD SAFETY: The town of Aulnay-sous-Bois intends to fight against road accidents, recurring in the city … The town of Aulnay-sous-Bois has set up figurines of children size of eight pedestrian crossings situated near schools. It intends to empower motorists and fight against road accidents, common in this city of Seine-Saint-Denis. They are 20 little […]

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Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Health is considering 11 mandatory vaccines for children

The Minister of Health is Considering 11 Mandatory Childhood Vaccines

REFORM: Today the vaccination requirement applies only to three vaccines for children … Immunization visits are rarely much fun for children. And now it will not be three but eleven vaccines they should have. In any case this is the will of the new health minister, Agnès Buzyn . She is said to be thinking “to make it mandatory for […]

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