Sega buys Rovio, maker of Angry Birds

Video Games: Sega Gets its Hands on the Famous Game “Angry Birds”

The Japanese group, Sega will pay just over 700 million euros to buy Rovio, the game designer Sega will expand its catalogue by placing ” Angry Birds ” there. The Japanese firm is indeed in the running to buy Rovio Entertainment, the Finnish group behind the iconic game. We learn, this Monday, that Sega Sammy, bringing together Sammy Corp. (slot machines) […]

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Sales of Video Games fall in China

China: The Video Game Sector Locked by Power, What Economic Consequences?

SCREENTIME: This sector has long experienced growth in the country, but the State takes a dim view of the addiction of the youngest to video games Sales of video games in China fell last year for the first time in ten years, at a time when the world’s largest market was undergoing a resumption of control by the authorities, according […]

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China: Foreign video games obtain a license, a first in eighteen months

China: Foreign Video Games Obtain a License, a First in Eighteen Months

GAMING: The country had not licensed a foreign video game since June 2021 China on Wednesday granted licenses to foreign video games. This type of authorization is a first in eighteen months, auguring a certain relaxation in a sector undermined by the Chinese authorities. If video games represent a significant financial windfall in the country, they were in the crosshairs […]

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Xbox live is changing to Xbox Network

Microsoft: Xbox Live Services Changes to Xbox Network

VIDEO GAMES: This name change will clearly distinguish its paid Xbox Live Gold offer from the old Xbox Live service. Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online gaming service since 2002, is changing its name. It will become Xbox Network, reports an article from The Verge relayed by 01Net on Tuesday. By renaming it like this, the American firm wants to avoid confusion with its Xbox Live Gold subscription […]

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Nintendo believes the creator of the site sought to destroy evidence.

Nintendo Demands $ 15 Million from Former Illegal Site for Stealing Games

PIRACY: The RomUniverse site is accused of having distributed for ten years thousands of Nintendo games from the Japanese firm Nintendo is seeking $ 15 million in damages from RomUniverse, a former pirate site that allowed Internet users to illegally download copies of video games. As reported by Phonandroid, which uses information from Torrent Freak, the Japanese firm filed a complaint in September 2019. […]

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PlayStation Plus: the free games for January

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for January

VIDEOGAMES: Three free games that will delight PlayStation Plus subscribers for the New Year Here are the new titles available to download for free from the PlayStation Store from the 5th January 2021 as part of the PlayStation Plus subscription. This time again, it is not two, but three video games that are offered to PS Plus subscribers. Shadow […]

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We have selected ten titles among the best video games of the year 2020

On PS4, PS5 and XBox. Our Pick of the Best Video Games of 2020 for Christmas

Christmas is coming and you want to give video games. Are you hesitating? You will find your happiness among these titles released in 2020, which we have tested and selected for you! Christmas is approaching and you want to please by offering, or by treating yourself, video games, among the best released in 2020 on PlayStation 4, Playstation 5  or Xbox? You’re […]

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Facebook launched Monday April 20, 2020 its video game application, Facebook Gaming. Until now, the service only existed outside the application.

Facebook Launches its Video Game Application, Facebook Gaming

With Facebook Gaming, the social network offers a live streaming application to compete with Twitch, YouTube Gaming or even Mixer. It is available since Monday 20th April 2020 on the Playstore. Facebook has just launched its video game streaming application. Dubbed soberly Facebook Gaming App, the live streaming application intends to compete with the market leader, Twitch, but also YouTube Gaming or Mixer. 📣 […]

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Google will launch its video game platform in streaming November 19

Google will Launch its Video Game Platform in Streaming November 19th

VIDEO GAMES: The search engine giant, Google intends to upset the market dominated by the big players of game consoles like Sony and Microsoft Google announced Tuesday that the launch of its Stadia streaming video game platform will take place on November 19th. Entering the online video gaming market, the search engine giant intends to upset the market dominated by […]

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The new console from Sony, the PS5, will be more energy efficient

PS5: The Next Sony Console will be 16 times Less Energy Consuming than the PS4 in Standby Mode

CONSOLES: Sony attempts to join the program “Playing for the Planet” set up by the United Nations to fight against climate change, making the PS5 more energy efficient The next Sony console will be less energy-consuming than the PS4 when it is in sleep mode. This is the promise made by Sony President and CEO Jim Ryan. Through a long post published on the […]

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