Facebook launched Monday April 20, 2020 its video game application, Facebook Gaming. Until now, the service only existed outside the application.

Facebook Launches its Video Game Application, Facebook Gaming

With Facebook Gaming, the social network offers a live streaming application to compete with Twitch, YouTube Gaming or even Mixer. It is available since Monday 20th April 2020 on the Playstore. Facebook has just launched its video game streaming application. Dubbed soberly Facebook Gaming App, the live streaming application intends to compete with the market leader, Twitch, but also YouTube Gaming or Mixer. 📣 […]

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Google will launch its video game platform in streaming November 19

Google will Launch its Video Game Platform in Streaming November 19th

VIDEO GAMES: The search engine giant, Google intends to upset the market dominated by the big players of game consoles like Sony and Microsoft Google announced Tuesday that the launch of its Stadia streaming video game platform will take place on November 19th. Entering the online video gaming market, the search engine giant intends to upset the market dominated by […]

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The new console from Sony, the PS5, will be more energy efficient

PS5: The Next Sony Console will be 16 times Less Energy Consuming than the PS4 in Standby Mode

CONSOLES: Sony attempts to join the program “Playing for the Planet” set up by the United Nations to fight against climate change, making the PS5 more energy efficient The next Sony console will be less energy-consuming than the PS4 when it is in sleep mode. This is the promise made by Sony President and CEO Jim Ryan. Through a long post published on the […]

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Young gamers will also get a physical activity session every week

Toulouse: How to Become Unbeatable at Fortnite, E-Sports Club will Soon Offer Courses

The phenomenon “Fortnite” seizes Toulouse! In September 2019, an e-sports club will open in the Pink City, showcasing the world-famous video game. Details. You may have heard about the recent Fortnite World Championship and the modest $ 3 million won by its 16-year-old winner … As of September 2019, an e-sports club will open its doors in Toulouse. A first, which is already dreaming of many […]

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First Fortnite World Cup Final: $ 30 Million at Play

First Fortnite World Cup Final: $ 30 Million at Play

For the first time, the Fortnite World Cup, this (very) popular video game around the world, takes place this weekend in New York. At stake: $ 30 million. Two hundred players will fight this weekend in New York for the final of the first World Cup Fortnite, with $ 30 million in prize money, an event that aims to maintain the popularity […]

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Microsoft and Sony to work together with Cloud Gaming

Playstation / Xbox: Surprise Union Between Microsoft and Sony in Cloud Gaming

The union seems unlikely, and resonates on Thursday as a thunderclap in the microcosm of the video game: Sony and Microsoft, the two rivals, will work hand in hand! The first, Sony, is Japanese (Tokyo) and is the creator of the PlayStation 4 . The second, Microsoft , is American (Redmond) and manufactures Xbox One. In the video game console market, both […]

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Micromania Launches Online Gaming School

Video Games: Micromania Launches an Online Gaming School in Partnership with the Gaming Campus of Lyon

This gaming school will be accessible to all types of players, from beginners to more experienced. This is an announcement that should delight the most assiduous gamers  . Micromania-Zing and the Gaming Campus of Lyon, a campus dedicated to the video game industry in Lyon , have joined forces to open an online school . Called Gaming School, this training will be offered in Micromania […]

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Sega to launch Mega Drive mini in September

Video games: Sega will Market a Mega Drive Mini next September

RETRO GAMING: Sonic, Ecco the Dolphin, Comix Zone: the nostalgic Sega will find the best games of the Mega Drive After the NES Classic Mini, the SNES Classic Mini and the PlayStation Classic , it’s Sega’s turn to succumb to the retro gaming trend . The Mega Drive Mini should be marketed from September 19, according to a statement  released this Saturday, March 30 by the […]

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Video game review of Fifa 18

Video Game Test: On Fifa 18, Become a Stadium God!

Fifa 18, the console cult football game, still promises you good times in front of the TV. With Cristiano Ronaldo as headliner this year. Want to spend beautiful evenings playing football with Cristiano Ronaldo , the headliner of Fifa 18  ? Do you prefer Messi, Mbappé, Neymar, Cavani, PSG stars …? No problem, just ask, they are all there, ready to fight. The advantage with […]

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The Ataribox should be available from early 2018

The Strange Positioning of the Revival of the Atari Console

VIDEO GAME: The Ataribox, scheduled for early 2018, will cost between 250 and 300 dollars / euros … After having changed names, hands , and then filed for bankruptcy, Atari was resurrected by the French Frédéric Chesnais. Ambitious, he’d tease a new console, called Ataribox, 2018. The VentureBeat website got new details this week. And 250-300 dollars with a […]

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