China finds worrying swine flu virus capable of causing pandemic

China Finds Worrying Swine Flu Virus Capable of Causing Pandemic

HEALTH: This strain descends from H1N1 seems to have infected Chinese workers Researchers have discovered a strain of swine flu virus in China with all the characteristics capable of causing a future pandemic, according to a study published Monday in the American scientific journal PNAS . A disturbing announcement, in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic. The viruses are called G4 […]

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The WHO is looking for the source of the virus in China

Coronavirus: WHO Sends Team to China to Determine Source of Epidemic

CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: The WHO team in China is trying to know your enemy better to fight them better Since it appeared, the coronavirus has had many suspected culprits: the pangolin, the bat, the mink … Months have passed, the strange Wuhan pneumonia has become a global pandemic, without anyone really knowing where it came from. With this in mind, the World […]

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Photo released on June 29 by the Taipei Zoo of a baby panda born June 28 in Taiwan.

Giant Panda Donated by China Gives Birth to Second Baby in Taiwan

The newborn weighs 186 grams. It is the second baby panda that Yuan Yuan has given birth to since arriving at the Taipei Zoo in 2008. A giant panda, donated by China to Taiwan, has given birth to a second female, the Taipei Zoo announced on Monday. Yuan Yuan and his partner Tuan Tuan, whose names mean […]

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Coronavirus: Several districts of Beijing confined after the appearance of 7 new cases

Coronavirus in Beijing: Several Confined Neighbourhoods after the Appearance of Seven New Cases

EPIDEMIC: Seven new cases of Coronavirus Covid-19 in the Chinese capital, Beijing are the first in two months The fear of a second wave is rekindled. Eleven residential areas in southern Beijing are under containment due to the appearance of a new outbreak of coronavirus in a nearby market, authorities said on Saturday. Seven cases of contamination with Covid-19 have been identified […]

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China reports new Covid-19 case in Wuhan, first in a month

China Reports New Covid-19 Case in Wuhan, First in a Month

The Chinese authorities announced this Sunday 10th May 2020, the appearance of a new case of contamination with the coronavirus in Wuhan, city deconfined just a month ago. Almost five months after its appearance in China at the end of 2019, the pandemic that has led to the confinement of more than half of humanity and brought the global […]

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Airbus has shipped 4 million masks to Europe this weekend.

Toulouse. Airbus Manages to Transport Four Million Additional Masks from China

From China, an Airbus A350 landed on Sunday 5th April 2020 at Toulouse airport. Under the supervision of the gendarmerie, a cargo of masks was unloaded. An Airbus A350-1000 landed on Sunday 5th April 2020 at Toulouse Blagnac airport. Under the supervision of the gendarmerie, a shipment of masks “intended mainly for the health authorities of the countries where the company is […]

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Medical personnel escort a patient on a military plane at Paris Orly airport, April 4, 2020 .. (© AFP / BERTRAND GUAY. Medical personnel escort a patient on a military plane at Paris

Coronavirus: 63,000 Deaths Worldwide, a “Horrible” Period is Looming in the United States

President Donald Trump believes that the United States will enter a “horrible” phase, during which “there will be many deaths” from Coronavirus. The coronavirus has killed more than 63,000 people worldwide since its appearance in December in China, including nearly three quarters in Europe, and Donald Trump has warned the Americans that the United States, already […]

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China pays tribute to the Coronavirus Covid-19 deaths

Coronavirus: China Pays Tribute to its Covid-19 Dead

The country froze three minutes this Saturday for a tribute to the 3326 people who died from the Coronavirus Covid-19. 14 people are called “martyrs”. China froze on Saturday morning for a moment of national meditation of three minutes in memory of the 3326 people who died as a result of the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic on the national territory. […]

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Italy death toll from Coronavirus is higher than China

Italy Coronavirus Death Toll Hits 3,405 Overtaking China as Worst Affected Country

Italy has overtaken China as the nation with the most deaths from coronavirus. Another 427 people in Italy died in just 24 hours, taking the country’s death toll to 3,405. Some 3,245 people have died in China since the virus first emerged there late last year. The gruesome milestone is being blamed on a perfect […]

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An Italian soldier wearing a passenger control mask at Milan station on March 9, 2020.

Coronavirus: All of Italy Confined, More than 4,000 Dead Worldwide

To limit the spread of the coronavirus, the Italian government requests to “avoid displacement” on the national territory and orders a “ban on assembly”. Some 60 million Italians are asked to stay at home as of Tuesday 10th March 2020, in accordance with a decree issued by the government of Rome, unprecedented in the world. Objective: to […]

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