Weather in Bordeaux: Forecast for Thursday 12th August 2021

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Bordeaux weather forecast Thursday 12 August 2021

WEATHER REPORT: Today, in Bordeaux, a sky with clearings will gradually take the place of the clouds. Temperatures will be 26 ° C in the morning and 32 ° C in the afternoon …

Today, the wind will gradually move the clouds away in Bordeaux. A southwesterly wind will blow a little, with 4 km/h in the morning. Temperatures will rise by several degrees during the afternoon. Clouds are announced for this evening. A clear night is expected between Thursday and Friday.

Tomorrow, a decrease in temperatures is expected in Bordeaux. A light breeze from the northwest will be felt by locals. Clouds are expected: we will spend a pleasant morning. This afternoon will rhyme with beautiful sun. Temperatures will rise by several degrees.

For the days that follow, the weather will not move. Count on 32 ° C on average which will accompany sunny days.

Check if your region is in heat wave vigilance. In any case, it is good to take a few precautions to protect yourself from the heat: drink a lot and avoid going in the sun during the hottest hours.

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