He tears the head of a cockerel alive with his teeth

He Tears the Head Off a Live Cockerel with his Teeth, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation will Lodge a Complaint

CRUELTY: The Brigitte Bardot Foundation, which posted these images on Friday across social networks, announced its intention to file a complaint about an “act of cruelty” The video has already been viewed nearly 200,000 times on Twitter. Shocking images of a man tearing the head of a cockerel alive with his teeth have sparked a wave of […]

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Storm Miguel has caused 35,000 households without electricity in Nouvelle Aquitaine

Storm Miguel: Some 35,000 Households Without Electricity in Nouvelle Aquitaine

WEATHER: The winds blew at over 100 km/h in the day in the Gironde due to the storm Miguel, causing many disturbances Violent winds are falling on Nouvelle Aquitaine, and especially in Gironde, since Friday morning because of the storm Miguel. This phenomenon has caused significant damage to the power grid. And for good reason: winds of 117 km […]

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Alice Cooper will be on the Bordeaux scene in September

Bordeaux: Alice Cooper at the Arena in 2019

CONCERT: The star, Alice Cooper will be in France for three dates in September 2019, including one at the Arkea Arena on September 5th … Presented as the pioneer of a very particular genre, hard rock drama (or shock rock ),Alice Cooper has been touring the world since the 1970s, chaining successes. In the 1980s he explored different sounds, ranging […]

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A 14 year old missing in Landes has been found dead

Landes: A 14 Year Old, Missing for Several Days, was Found Dead

The teenager was missing since Wednesday after an evening with friends around Lake Sanguinet, in the Landes .. Since Wednesday, the gendarmes rake the area around Lake Sanguinet, in the Landes, after the disappearance of a teenager during a party with friends organized around the body of water. This Sunday, the 14-year-old boy’s body was found, reports […]

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39 departments are on Orange Alert for Thunderstorms

Violent Thunderstorms: 39 Departments in Orange Alert

This Wednesday morning, Meteo France has placed 39 departments from Aquitaine to the Grand Est on alert because of violent thunderstorms expected at the end of the day. New alert to violent storms . 39 departments of Aquitaine, Occitania, central France and the North-East were placed in orange alert . The episode is expected at the end of the day, this […]

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A shooting star in the sky above North West France on Monday

A Shooting Star Lights up the Sky in the West of France, from Normandy to Aquitaine

A meteor was seen in the sky on Monday 12th February from a northwestern third of France, from Normandy to Aquitaine. It was a bright shooting star. A shooting star in the sky . Monday, February 12 at 6:06, a fireball was observed from a wide northwest-thirds of France, from Normandy to Aquitaine, via  Brittany and the Loire Valley , the website said Vigie Heaven . […]

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A new heatwave is forecast for the Bordeaux region of France

Bordeaux: The Heatwave is Expected to Peak on Wednesday with 38° C

WEATHER: A new heat wave in Aquitaine on Wednesday is forecast by Meteo France with temperatures between 35 and 38 ° C … It will still be very hot. This Wednesday, 7th September, Météo France announces temperatures between 35 ° C and 38 ° C in Gironde, in the Landes and Pyrénées Atlantiques. A heat described as “exceptional” for […]

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2015 was a record year for attendances in campsites and hotels for the Aquitaine region of France

Aquitaine: Record Attendance in 2015 for Hotels and Campsites

The French customers came enjoy the exceptional weather conditions in Aquitaine between May and July 2015 … This is a record attendance for a summer season . INSEE Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes announcement in a note that it has released the attendance in hotels and camping for the Aquitaine reached between May and September 2015 almost 21 million […]

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Very mild tempertures reported for the time of the year

Very Mild Temperatures Announced Thursday in Southwest

The weekend should also be very gentle in the region with temperatures around 20 ° C … This year the whole month of December was marked by mild temperatures but for this Thursday, Météo France is even talk of a “gentle peak” with temperatures around 20 ° C in the Southwest, particularly in the Pays Basque. […]

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Couple shot dead near Agen in the Lot-et-Garonne

Lot-et-Garonne: Couple shot Dead near Agen

A couple was found dead this Wednesday morning near Agen. The suspect, a hooded gunman, is currently on the run … A couple who live in Foulayronnes, near Agen (Lot-et-Garonne), was killed this Wednesday morning, shot outside their home, we have learned from the Gendarmerie.   Couple tué par balles près d’Agen: les enfants du couple ont […]

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