More than 60 Ice Creams Recalled due to the Presence of a Pesticide Classified as Carcinogenic

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More than 60 Ice Creams are being recalled for safety reasons

Carrefour, Netto, la Laitière, Extrême … More than 60 ice creams have been recalled due to the presence of a toxic product beyond regulatory standards.

In this hot weather, what better way to cool off than ice cream. However, more than 60 of them are subject to a recall because of the presence of a toxic product beyond the regulatory limit:  ethylene oxide.

The brands Extrême , Netto , Carrefour , Super U ,  Metro , Picard, Adélie  and La Laitière have issued alerts. Most of them were sold in the brands of the same name, but also at Cora , Leclerc and Intermarché .

Extreme ice cream, Netto, Carrefour …

Here are some examples of affected ice creams:

• Mini double almond sticks from the Carrefour sensation brand. The lots are LPL1067 and LPL1068.

• Cookie dough ice cream from the Carrefour sensation brand. The lots are LDA1110 and LDA1109.

• Classic chocolate 1 L from the Netto brand. The concerned lot is 04121.

• Classic 1 L pistachio from the Netto brand. The lots concerned are: 01321, 06421, 09221, 12321 and 14621.

• Ice cream log happiness from the Picard brand. The affected lot is 33820020.

• Extreme Vanilla Ice Cream. The affected lot is 0227.

• Extreme Mini Vanilla and Caramel Ice Cream. The lot is AR0237.

Here is the complete list of recalled ice creams.

What is Ethylene Oxide

It is a toxic pesticide classified as a “carcinogenic and mutagenic substance” by the European Union. This colourless gas is used in the chemical industry and authorized for the sterilization of medical equipment, but prohibited for any other use.

What if you bought these products?

If these ice creams are already in your freezer, it is advisable to bring them back to the store for a refund or to destroy them.

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