Aptera: The Electric Car with… Infinite Autonomy!

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Aptera is launching a lightweight 3 wheel electric car

AUTO: Aptera launches a 100% electric car capable of driving without ever having to recharge. Its secret? Solar panels on the roof and exceptional aerodynamics

A small American manufacturer is therefore launching this first three-wheel electric vehicle, characterized by a record aerodynamic coefficient: 0.13, which is even less than the mirrors of a pick-up! Thanks to this and to a weight located under the ton, the amount of energy needed to move is much less than in a traditional vehicle, and the Aptera can therefore go further with the same amount of energy.

Aptera three wheeled electric car
Aptera launches a three wheeled lightweight electric car- DR

Depending on the different battery capacities offered (from 25 to over 100 kWh), the autonomy varies according to the manufacturer from 400 to 1,600 km. Aptera also emphasizes the ability of its vehicles to never have to load. The solar panels fitted to the car would allow it to drive around 17,500 km per year in most regions.

The Aptera can be booked online for $ 100 and the small manufacturer promises that it should be available at the end of next year or in 2022, for a price ranging from 25,900 to 46,900 dollars. Reality or fiction?

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