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New features are expected on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

Tuesday 30th April, 2019, Facebook has unveiled new features for its app, but also for Messenger and Instagram. We take stock of what is changing.

Facebook  has completely redesigned its application. The social network, which wants to  put the “groups” and the intimate at the center of its strategy , unveiled its new features, as well as those of Messenger and Instagram, Tuesday ,  April 30, 2019, during a keynote in the presence of its founder Mark Znckerberg.

These announcements are the first concrete illustrations of a planned strategy change over the years, according to the 34-year-old entrepreneur.

“As the world becomes more connected, we need to feel more intimacy than ever before. That’s why I think the future is private.”

It is a form of new mantra for his group, so criticized for its management (considered lax and opaque) personal data or its control of the contents published by its users.

We take stock of what is changing.

On Facebook

  • New version (without the blue banner)

Facebook has launched a new version of its application (which loses the famous blue banner at the top of the page) “more concerned about privacy”:

“A major evolution to make communities as central as friends, focused on private messages or “stories” (these ephemeral photo / video montages).”

These guidelines are supposed to respond to two issues: the growing taste of Internet users for more restricted interactions than the traditional “news feed”, but also concerns related to the management of personal data.

  • More groups with the same interests

The relooked Facebook will also make the “groups” more visible. From vegan cheese lovers to corgi dog owners, the social network will offer more communities that could interest its users.

According to Facebook, there are “tens of millions” of groups and more than 400 million people belong to it.

While this may seem counter-intuitive, Facebook thinks that groups can help interact with people who do not have the same political ideas, while social network users tend to be locked into what is called the filter bubble (literally, the “filter bubble”), because it only interacts with people or organizations with opinions close to theirs.

  • Pay directly on the Marketplace

Users will soon be able to ship Marketplace items anywhere and pay for their purchases directly on Facebook.

“For sellers, this will reach more buyers and be paid safely, and buyers will have access to a wider selection of items,” says Facebook.

This feature will be implemented in the United States and no date has been advanced for France.

  • Secret crush: Facebook makes Tinder

This “new chapter” also means encouraging 2.37 billion users to meet each other in real life, or even more if affinity. Its ” Dating” function is thus extended to 14 new countries from Tuesday (mainly in Asia and South America), before reaching the United States by the end of the year ( still no date for France and Europe).

Facebook also adds a new feature called “Secret Crush” , which allows to select “friends” that we would like to know better and to let them know quietly, like the famous Tinder application.

  • New event tab

A new Events tab to see what’s happening near home, get recommendations, find out about local businesses and coordinate with friends to organize activities together, will be developed.

Mark Zuckerberg presents the changes made to Facebook on April 30, 2019 in San Jose, California.
Mark Zuckerberg presents the changes made to Facebook on April 30, 2019 in San Jose, California. (© AFP / Amy Osborne)

On Messenger

  • A faster application

Facebook has ensured that the application has been completely revised so that it is faster and lighter. The new Messenger will be deployed “in the year”.

  • A space dedicated to stories

Facebook wants to make “content from the most important people” more easily accessible. A space dedicated to the Storiesand messages of “friends” closest friends will be set up on Messenger.

You will also be able to share excerpts from your day and choose exactly who sees what you post.

  • Messenger on desktop

If you use Messenger on your computer, you will no longer need to go through Facebook to send messages, as is the case on your smartphone. A desktop application has been developed and will be deployed in the year.

You can make group video calls, collaborate on projects or perform other tasks while chatting on Messenger.

Privacy more important on Facebook, Messenger and Indtagram
Mark Zuckerberg announced on April 30, 2019 in San Jose (California) that the new Facebook will be more turned to the “private”. (© AFP / Amy Osborne)

On Instagram

A subsidiary of Facebook since 2012, Instagram has more than one billion users. This application has not been put aside by Marc Zuckerberg.


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Today at #F8, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri (@mosseri) announced new updates that will be rolling out in the coming weeks. We’re so excited about these new ways to strengthen the connections with the people and things you love. 🛍 Shopping from Creators: Next week, you’ll be able to shop looks from the creators you love without leaving Instagram. ♥️ Donation Sticker: Starting today in the US, you can raise money for a nonprofit you care about directly through Instagram Stories. 📸 New Camera and Create Mode: Introducing a new camera design including Create Mode, which will make it easier to use popular creative tools like effects and interactive stickers. Check out the link in our bio to learn more.

A post shared by Instagram (@instagram) on

  • A new and better camera

A new camera will integrate the Create Mode. It will facilitate the use of popular authoring tools such as effects and interactive stickers, so that you “can express yourself more freely”.

  • Buy products directly from the Creators

A real showcase for many creators, Instagram will set up the possibility of directly buying products on the desired profile.

“Instead of taking a screenshot or asking for details in the comments or on Direct, you can, with a simple click, see exactly what your favorite creators are wearing and buy it. ”

  • Raising money for a cause

It will be possible to raise funds for an association directly on Instagram. “Thanks to a donation sticker in Stories, you can mobilize your community.”

100% of the sums collected on Instagram will be donated to the NGO, promises Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, April 30, 2019 in San Jose, California.
Mark Zuckerberg, April 30, 2019 in San Jose, California. (© AFP / Amy Osborne)

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