All Electric Cars Will Now Have to Make Noise to Warn Pedestrians

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Electric cars will have to be noisy in Europe

ROAD SAFETY: From 1st July, all new four-wheeled electric vehicles will be equipped with the AVAS system in the European Union

Electric vehicles are too discreet. For pedestrians, it’s hard not to be surprised when approaching these perfectly silent electric cars. As a safety measure, all new electric four-wheeled cars must now emit an artificial noise, reports Numerama.

This new obligation comes into effect on Monday in all member countries of the European Union. Vehicles must be equipped with AVAS (acoustic vehicle alert system).

Scooters already equipped with audible alerts

This device consists of emitting a noise as soon as the vehicle passes below 19 km/h. The artificial noise is limited to 75 decibels, equivalent to the noise of a vacuum cleaner heard very closely. By 2021, the obligation to be “noisy” will apply to all electric vehicles without exception, even those already existing.

To anticipate and mitigate this risk in terms of road safety, some manufacturers of two-wheelers have already set up a sound alert system. This is the case of the scooter Askoll eS3, which emits a small sound every ten to fifteen seconds to warn pedestrians. Some associations go even further and demand the obligation of an artificial noise for all categories of vehicles.

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