Marseille: A Hundred Professionals Demonstrate Against the Closure of Bars and Restaurants

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The protest of catering professionals in Marseille

CORONAVIRUS: Catering professionals occupied a roundabout at the entrance to the A50 on Monday morning to protest against the closure of bars and restaurants in Marseille

On Monday, a hundred professionals, including many employees of Henry White Group, specializing in coffee distribution to restaurants, have demonstrated in Marseille. They occupied a roundabout at the entrance to the A50.

“As a business leader, it is not in our DNA to demonstrate, but today it is imposed on us. We want the suspension of this decree, which was decided arbitrarily. We work 95% with the world of catering trades so by ricochet effect, if they are closed, we do not work either ”, testified Jean-Luc Blanc, president of the group.

“Government announcements, I don’t understand a thing anymore. We have 80 employees who work in hotels and restaurants and not one who is positive for Covid-19. It’s unfair, ”he added. The Prado Carénage tunnel was closed for part of the morning in both directions, demonstrators want to set up a free toll operation.

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