Coronavirus in Loire-Atlantique: A college closed after the discovery of 25 positive cases

Coronavirus in Loire-Atlantique: A College Closed After the Discovery of 25 Positive Cases

EPIDEMIC: The prefecture has requested the closure of the Arthur-Rimbaud college, in Donges (Loire-Atlantique), until the 1st February They will not return to college for a week. The students and staff of the Arthur-Rimbaud college, in Donges (Loire-Atlantique), will have to stay at home after a cluster has been discovered in the school. Friday, the prefect of Loire-Atlantique issued a closing […]

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Due to the confinement, small busiinesses in the Pays-de-la-Loire face closures

Confinement in Pays-de-la-Loire: Between 15 and 20% of Small Businesses Threatened with Closure

CRISIS: U2P, the leading French employers’ organisation, fears a “wave of closures” in 2021 in the Pays-de-la-Loire region U2P is the employers’ union for VSEs and SMEs in the trade, craft and liberal professions sectors. Its new president in Pays-de-la-Loire is worried about the consequences of the crisis in 2021. “There is a lot of suffering, […]

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The protest of catering professionals in Marseille

Marseille: A Hundred Professionals Demonstrate Against the Closure of Bars and Restaurants

CORONAVIRUS: Catering professionals occupied a roundabout at the entrance to the A50 on Monday morning to protest against the closure of bars and restaurants in Marseille On Monday, a hundred professionals, including many employees of Henry White Group, specializing in coffee distribution to restaurants, have demonstrated in Marseille. They occupied a roundabout at the entrance to the A50. “As a business leader, […]

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Heat wave in Seine-et-Marne. Here is the list of schools that will be closed Thursday and Friday to preserve children

Heat Wave in Seine-et-Marne: List of Schools Closed Thursday and Friday to Preserve Children

The town hall of Melun announces the closure of schools this Thursday and Friday, because of the heat wave. Six other municipalities are currently concerned in Seine-et-Marne. The decision was left to the discretion of the municipalities. Due to the heat wave episode, Melun City Council decided to close the schools of the municipality on Thursday 27 and Friday […]

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Access to the Pulnoy Forest at nancy is prohibited by municipal decree.

Nancy: A Forest Closed to Access because of Human Waste

A city in the metropolis of Nancy, Pulnoy, is forced to close access to its forest because of too much human waste. It evokes “health risks”. The city of Pulnoy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), in the metropolis of Nancy , took a rather surprising order: it prohibits access to the forest because of repeated human waste in the area. This time, it is […]

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This Wednesday, January 27, Leclerc in the Bozées area of Laval will close from 2pm

Laval. The Leclerc of Bozées closes at 2pm on Wednesday 27th

The demonstration of farmers near the Laval Tours road, leading to the closure of the Leclerc in the Bozées area from 2 pm. A protest of FDSEA and the Young Farmers is scheduled this Wednesday, January 27th in Laval at the roundabouts to Tours.  In anticipation of this action, and the disruption that it will cause for […]

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