Toulouse: A Man Dressed as Tigger Attacks the Participants #NuitDebout

Local News
A man dressed as Tigger attacked participants of the #NuitDebout in Toulouse

A man dressed as Tigger, well drunk, attacked participants #NuitDebout gathered Monday night on the Place du Capitole …

It is not known if he escaped a party, but a man dressed as Tigger landed in Place du Capitole on Monday night at midnight. And his priority was not to participate in discussions within #NuitDebout.  He staggered through the crowd, managing to annoy the participants of the citizen mobilization against the proposed labour law, that wanted to hear the discussions.

Custody for aggravated violence

Frustrated, he wanted to be to be heard in the group and participate in workshops. So, Mr. Tigger assaulted participants with an umbrella. The municipal police intercepted and taken to the police station.

There he refused to undergo a medical examination and even give his name.  Eventually the man finally did say that he was 35 years old and admit that he was not the best friend of Piglet and Rabbit.  He was remanded in custody and will be charged for aggravated violence.

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