Coronavirus: Wearing a Mask Could Become Mandatory Throughout Paris

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A cyclist wearing a mask in Paris (illustration).

CORONAVIRUS EPIDEMIC: Prime Minister Jean Castex announced at a press conference the extension of the wearing of a mask in the capital. According to Matignon, this decision is still under study

Until now, it was only compulsory in certain streets of Paris. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Thursday that the obligation to wear a mask would now be mandatory everywhere in the capital to limit the spread of the virus. Matignon nevertheless specified that this decision, requested by Jean Castex from the Paris police chief, had not yet been taken and was “under study”.

“The prefect, after consultation with the mayor (Anne Hidalgo), will extend the wearing of masks throughout the capital,” the head of government indicated in response to a question from a journalist. And to add: “the question obviously arises for the inner suburbs, given the traffic between these territories”. Currently, wearing a mask has only been made compulsory in certain areas of Paris.

Epidemic recovery less marked than in Marseille

Asked about the possibility of closing bars-restaurants in Paris earlier, Jean Castex replied that health indicators were “even more degraded in the south, especially concerning the elderly”, hence measures “a little more severe in Marseille”. “But we are vigilant on the evolution of the situation and the measures which must be taken will be taken according to the circumstances”, he added. In Paris as in Marseille, the number of positive cases exceeds the threshold of 50 per 100,000.

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