Weather in Cantal: A Beautiful Day with the Return of the Sun

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The weather in Cantal will see a return of the sun

The end of June promises to be particularly pleasant throughout the Cantal, with bright sunshine for the whole day.

Hello everyone, it is Tuesday, 30th June 2020 and the latest forecast from Meteo France, promises a sunnier day for the weather in Cantal.

Sun for the whole day

After a small rainy episode and a few clouds, the sun will be back in force today across the department of Cantal. The sun will be present all day without interruption.

Small rise in temperatures this afternoon. in Cantal
Small rise in temperatures this afternoon. in Cantal (© Météo France)

As for the temperatures, the average will increase slightly to reach 19 degrees in the morning and 25 degrees in the afternoon.

A few thunderstorm showers are expected for Wednesday.

Have a nice day everyone!

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