Plérin: On the RN12, Three Injured in the Car on the Roof

Local News
A car with three people on board found itself on the roof, Saturday, March 7, 2020, on the RN 12 in Plérin.

This Saturday 7th March around 8.30 am, three people were injured in an accident on the RN 12 in Plérin (Côtes-d’Armor), in the direction of Brest.

A car went off the road on the RN 12 near Plérin, this Saturday 7th March at around 8.30 am, in the Rennes-Brest direction. The vehicle ended up on the roof in the ditch, below the expressway.

Supported by the firefighters, the three occupants (a man, a woman and a child) were transported to the Yves-Le-Foll hospital in Saint-Brieuc. They would be slightly injured.

Traffic in the direction of Brest was slowed down during the emergency response.

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