Health Act: Doctors unions called for strike on 13 th November

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Doctors unions call for a strike on November 13th

Doctors unions call for a strike on November 13th

All private doctors unions call for close …

All private doctors’ unions are calling for surgeries to close on November 13 for a “dead health day” against the Health bill of Marisol Touraine, with the main union of GPs, MG France, having decided to also join the movement.

“The mobilization must continue against the obligation of the third party payment (advance fee waiver) on November 13”, said the union in a statement, “associating itself with the proposal to mobilize” the CSMF, the FMF, the SML and the Bloc “to maintain trade union unity.”

The unions have heard one last time their discontent against the draft law of the Health Minister Marisol Touraine, which will be considered on second reading in the National Assembly from November 16.

The CSMF, main organization (generalists and specialists), called for “a unitary movement”  earlier this week with offices closed for a “dead health day”.

The other three representative unions have also planned for a long time to mobilize for the return of Marisol Touraine bill in the Chamber for further consideration by MPs.

“This could be a real health blocking,” said AFP Jean-Paul Hamon, President of FMF, adding that “strike guards” were scheduled for November 14 and 15, before a demonstration outside the National Assembly on 16, “and maybe more.”

The Liberals challenged physicians for over a year the draft law that threatens health, according to them, their independence, notably by imposing third-party payment widespread by 2017.

All their unions outside the CSMF had already called for the closure of the offices from the October 3 to 6.  The strike had reached a “high point”, according to the Health Insurance.


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