Coronavirus in Neuilly-sur-Seine: Two cases of Contamination Reported by the Town Hall

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Two cases of coronavirus have been reported in Neuilly-sur-Seine

HAUTS-DE-SEINE: The two people with the coronavirus do not reside in the Alto-Sequanese commune, according to a press release from the town hall

The coronavirus appears in Neuilly-sur-Seine“The state services informed me of two cases of Covid-19 in Neuilly,” said mayor Jean-Christophe Fromantin, in a press release. One in the American hospital, the other in a company. The city council specifies however that “in both cases, they are people who are not resident in Neuilly”.

And that the Neuilléens and Neuilléennes reassure themselves, “these sick people were not in direct contact with the population and no impact was noted at this stage on the professional environment”. For these reasons, “no particular device has been requested by the health authorities, other than the precautionary measures implemented throughout the national territory,” said the press release.

In addition, one of the two infected people is hospitalized in Bichat, while the other “is confined to her home in a commune of Ile-de-France  “.

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