Coronavirus: Bruno Le Maire Announces Price Limits for Hydroalcoholic Gels

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Bruno Le Maire announces price limits for hydroalcoholic gels

EASY MONEY: The prices of these handwashing gels have sometimes increased wildly in response to demand because of the fears of coronavirus

A decree will be taken Wednesday to regulate the prices of hydroalcoholic gels after “isolated cases” of “unacceptable prices” against the background of the coronavirus crisis, said Wednesday the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire“I announce to you that today we will take the decree regulating the prices of hydroalcoholic gels,” said the minister on BFM Business. “There is a lack of availability of products,” recognized Bruno Le Maire, adding that when possible, “washing your hands with soap is just as effective”.

“There are isolated cases where unacceptable prices have been charged,” he added. The minister announced Tuesday the launch of an investigation by the Directorate General of Fraud (DGCCRF) on the sharp increases in the sale prices of hydroalcoholic gels and protective masks observed since the appearance of the coronavirus epidemic in France.

Bruno Le Maire had made it clear that he was ready to issue a price regulation decree in the event of any irregularities noted. A decree on the requisition of protective masks for the benefit of health personnel and patients, announced by Emmanuel Macron, of protection, was also published Wednesday in the Official Journal. Covid-19 killed four out of 212 confirmed cases in France and some 3,200 died out of 92,000 cases worldwide.

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