The Chalex Plan, Created for the Heatwave, Activated and Adapted to the Coronavirus by the City of Paris

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The volunteers of the City of Paris will be responsible for applying the instructions of the Chalex plan, which plans to call the most vulnerable people, facing coronaviruses

To support fragile people in the coronavirus crisis, the City of Paris launched the Chalex plan, initially used to deal with heatwaves.

To prevent the coronavirus health crisis, the City of Paris announced Monday 2nd March 2020 to have started the Chalex plan, intended to support the most fragile people during heatwaves. 

Chalex plan, for extreme heat, makes it possible to follow the state of health of Parisians aged at least 75 years, disabled, or suffering from health problems. During heat waves, the system provides regular telephone calls to people registered in the Chalex file.

Adapt existing tools to deal with coronavirus

This tool will be adapted to the coronavirus crisis. “Paris volunteers” will ensure the transmission of information and the actions to be taken to limit the risk of contagion from the coronavirus, explains Ariel Weil, mayor of the 4th arrondissement.

The pool of volunteers is already there, he explains:

“We have potentially thousands of volunteers who we will solicit if necessary.”

The Chalex plan is mainly fed by the social services, as well as the entourage of the fragile people whom the device aims to support, details the mayor of the 4th arrondissement.

Their role will be to ensure the transmission of good gestures by canvassing by telephone. There is no question of the Chalex device replacing the call to 15, the emergency number, for suspicious cases.

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