FNAC and Darty is to stay open during confinement in France

Confinement: The Stores of the Fnac-Darty Group Will Remain Open

RETAIL STORES: The rules of the new confinement are less strict than in the spring, at least for the moment Fnac-Darty has decided to keep its stores open in France during the reconfinement decided by the executive, relying on the exemption granted to certain stores to meet the needs of teleworking employees, we learned from the group on Friday. […]

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New restrictions and curfews announced by Jean Castex for France to deal with Coronavirus Covid-19

Coronavirus: Curfew in 38 departments, 115 Million for Culture… What to Retain from the Government’s Announcements?

Jean Castex and several ministers announced the new restrictive measures which will come into force on midnight Friday, but also a vast plan to help the culture sector Prime Minister Jean Castex unveiled on Thursday the new restriction measures to fight against the spread of the coronavirus in France. He stressed that these measures come while in recent days, “the […]

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These equity loans, announced by Bruno Le Maire, are intended for companies which have "real potential for a rebound, but which were penalised by a loss-making operation during the year"

Coronavirus: Bruno Le Maire Announces 20 Billion Euros to Strengthen Companies’ Equity

ECONOMIC CRISIS: These equity loans, announced by Bruno Le Maire, are intended for companies which have “real potential for a rebound, but which were penalised by a loss-making operation during the year” The Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire announced Monday that EUR 20 billion would be devoted to strengthening the equity capital of companies through equity loans distributed by banks that […]

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"Hundreds of Thousands" of People Will Lose Their Jobs in France, Warns Bruno Le Maire

Coronavirus: “Hundreds of Thousands” of People Will Lose Their Jobs in France, Warns Bruno Le Maire

UNEMPLOYMENT: Faced with the recession, 45 billion euros will be put on the table in an attempt to preserve jobs as much as possible, announced the minister. To cope with the “wave of difficulties” which threatens the job market after confinement, Bruno Le Maire announced the creation of “new solutions” to help the households most in difficulty. The Minister of […]

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France releases billions of aid to Air France and Renault during Covid-19 crisis

Covid-19: France Releases 7 Billion Euros in Aid for Air France and 5 Billion for Renault

To cope with the disastrous consequences of the coronavirus epidemic on certain French companies, the government has released emergency aid. The French and Dutch states have promised massive aid to save Air France-KLM from the disastrous consequences of the coronavirus epidemic, with ten billion euros in direct or bank loans. The French Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire […]

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Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy, announced that he wanted all businesses to be able to reopen on May 11th, bars and restaurants aside.

Bruno Le Maire Wants “All Shops” Except Bars and Restaurants to Reopen on May 11th

The Minister of Economy and Finance has however excluded bars, cafes and restaurants which will be subject to “specific treatment”. A total return to normal? A gradual recovery? Case by case? If any questions remain three weeks before deconfinement, the government is trying to be reassuring despite the vagueness that surrounds May 11th. Example this Thursday 23rd April 2020 with Bruno […]

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127 dead and 5,423 people infected with coronavirus in France

Coronavirus: 127 Dead and 5,423 People Infected, Update on the Situation in France

This Sunday 15th March 2020, the government reports 36 new deaths and more than 900 additional contaminations linked to coronavirus covid-19. The coronavirus balance sheet has further increased in France. This Sunday, March 15, 2020, as the country moved for the municipal elections, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran announced 36 new deaths and more than 900 additional infected people, for a total of […]

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The French government expects French growth to slow down and business activities will be penalized in 2020 by the coronavirus.

Coronavirus: The French Economy is Suffering, Government Measures for Businesses

Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of Economy, estimated this Monday noon that the coronavirus would have a “severe impact” in 2020 for French businesses and growth. New crisis meeting at his government. While the coronavirus continues to rage in France, with 19 deaths observed according to the last report, more than one trader is worried about the […]

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Bruno Le Maire announces price limits for hydroalcoholic gels

Coronavirus: Bruno Le Maire Announces Price Limits for Hydroalcoholic Gels

EASY MONEY: The prices of these handwashing gels have sometimes increased wildly in response to demand because of the fears of coronavirus A decree will be taken Wednesday to regulate the prices of hydroalcoholic gels after “isolated cases” of “unacceptable prices” against the background of the coronavirus crisis, said Wednesday the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire. “I announce to you that […]

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Coronavirus is affecting the growth of economy in France

Coronavirus: According to Bruno Le Maire, the Epidemic Cost France 0.1 Points of Growth

The Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, assesses the impact of the coronavirus on French growth at -0.1%. If the epidemic continues, the impact could be greater. The coronavirus outbreak could halt French growth by 0.1 percentage point in 2020, French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Thursday. Admit that we are not too far from the peak of […]

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