France will lose growth due to yellow vests protest

Growth: France will lose 0.1 Point in the Fourth Quarter because of Yellow Vests

According to the Minister of the Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, France should lose 0.1 point growth in the fourth quarter of 2018 because of the movement of yellow vests. The troubles related to the demonstrations of “yellow vests” will lose 0.1 point of growth to France in the last quarter of this year, said Monday the Minister […]

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Distrubutors pledge to pass on fuel savings day to day

Fuel: Distributors Pledge to Pass on the “Day-to-Day” Drop in Oil Prices

The government is trying to quell the grumbling over rising fuel prices, as we approach a call to block the roads on November 17th … The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, assured him, Thursday, the fuel distributors are committed to reflect the day-to-day decline in crude oil prices at the pump. The government is trying […]

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The Government could remove social aid to employment

Government Could Reduce Social Aid to Employment if Unemployment Drops

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, said on Sunday that the government plans to reduce social assistance to employment, if unemployment falls. Explanations. The government plans to reduce social assistance to employment in order to reduce the public deficit, if there are enough job creation in the private sector , said Sunday the Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire . “On […]

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Lactalis apologises to parents over contaminated milk with salmonella

Contaminated Milk: Lactalis Apologizes and Assures Parents that it is Collaborate with the State

Regarding the contaminated milk with salmonella, the Lactalis group reiterated its apology to parents. It provides cooperation with the state from the beginning. The group Lactalis renewed Thursday apologized to parents and assured work ” in full cooperation ” with the state since the beginning of the case of milk contaminated with salmonella , despite the criticism of the government . Lactalis “renews its […]

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Contaminated baby milk, Bruno Le Marie has announced more controls

Contaminated Baby Milk: Bruno Le Maire Announced 2500 Additional Controls

Mass distribution and the management of Lactalis are called by Bruno Le Maire following the contaminated baby milk with salmonella. The Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire convening this Thursday 11th January, 2018, announced at 6.30pm to supermarkets and Friday morning to the management of Lactalis, that he deemed business “failing” at a news-item on contaminated infant milk salmonella. Mr. […]

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Bitcoin price drops fromm 19,000 to 11,000 dollars in five days

Bitcoin Drops from 19,000 to 11,000 dollars in Five Days

ECONOMY: The exchanges were briefly interrupted on Coinbase market, and then the virtual currency has stabilized at $ 13,000 Friday … We must have the faint of heart. The price of Bitcoin is a roller coaster , with extreme volatility: it went from 19,700 dollars last Sunday, to less than $ 11,000 on Friday morning, a drop of 45%. The […]

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The government publishes the number of registered unemployed in late October on the Pôle Emploi lists, one of the last editions of the monthly high mass unemployment figures

Unemployment: Pole Emploi Publishes its Figures for October, Before the End of the Monthly Statistics

Government releases on Friday the registered unemployed for October, the last of the publication of monthly figures, as quarterly figures will start to be published instead … The government publishes on Friday the number of unemployed registered in late October on the lists of the Pole Emploi, one of the last editions of the monthly publication of the […]

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