Coronavirus: ARS Counts 11 New Contaminations in Nouvelle-Aquitaine this Monday

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11 new carriers of coronavirus in the region

In its daily report, the Regional Health Agency reveals the presence of 11 new confirmed coronavirus cases in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine territory.

This Monday 9th March 2020, in its midday point, the Regional Health Agency of New Aquitaine announced the presence of 11 new carriers of the Coronavirus, in the greater region.

Lot-et-Garonne particularly affected

This count, now daily, reveals five new cases in Lot-et-Garonne, two in Dordogne, one in Charente-Maritime, two in Vienne and one in Corrèze. For the time being, the Gironde is relatively spared.

These new cases bring the total number of people affected by the virus to New Aquitaine territory to 40.

Track developments in real-time

So that everyone can follow the development of the disease, the ARS makes available an updated table every day at noon, listing the new contaminations.

How to protect yourself?

The instructions to limit the spread of the disease are clear: wash your hands very regularly, cough or sneeze on your elbow, greet without shaking hands, avoid kissing, use single-use tissues and wear a mask when we’re sick.

At the first symptom or doubt, call centre 15.

If you have non-medical questions, an information platform is available at 0 800 130 000. The number is free.

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