Wearing a mask becomes compulsory in two streets of the city of Bordeaux

Covid-19: In Bordeaux, Wearing a Mask is Compulsory Outside in Two Streets of the City

From this Saturday 15th August 2020, wearing a mask will be compulsory outdoors in Bordeaux (Gironde), in the two busiest axes of the city. During a press conference, this Wednesday 12th August 2020, in the presence of Pierre Hurmic, Hélène Junqua deputy director of the Regional Health Agency of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the deputy prefect Martin Guespereau, the Mayor of Bordeaux announced the […]

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The 14th July parade attracted 500 spectators last year in Cognac.

Cognac: No Parade on 14th July This Year

CHARENTE: Due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic, there will be no traditional 14th July Parade in Cognac. Due to the coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic, the sanitary conditions do not allow it, estimates the City. There will still be a ceremony in Place François-1st and the overflight of two BA709 aircraft. The national holiday of the 14th July, […]

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Charente goes green on the Coronavirus map

The Map of the Departments in Red and Green, The Charente Goes Green

DECONFINEMENT:  The first two maps of France concerning the departments which are in green or in red with a view to the gradual deconfinement planned for May 11th and the Charente is listed in green in both cases. Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health, has unveiled the first two maps of France concerning the departments which […]

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Thunderstorms are expected between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Friday, April 24, 2020.

Nouvelle-Aquitaine Placed on the Yellow Alert for Thunderstorms

This Friday 24th April 2020, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is on yellow alert for thunderstorms from 3 pm until evening by Meteo France. The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is being placed on yellow alert for thunderstorms this Friday 24th April 2020  by the last Meteo France bulletin published at 6 a.m. and valid until Saturday 25th April 2020 at 6 am.   Thunderstorms are expected […]

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The weather in Charente will be overcast today

Weather in Charente: Clouds, Showers and Possibly Thunderstorms

WEATHER: The weather in Charente will be overcast today with a mix of sunny spells and showers.  Temperatures will be down slightly. This morning the sky is overcast in Charente and the air is still humid.  According to the forecasts of Meteo France for the weather in Charente, the sky will remain generally cloudy, with […]

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Despite the treatment of coronavirus patients from other regions, the number of cases in the intensive care units of Nouvelle-Aquitaine is decreasing

Coronavirus in Nouvelle-Aquitaine: The Number of People in Intensive Care Continues to Drop

COVID-19: Despite the treatment of patients from other regions, the number of coronavirus cases in the intensive care units of Nouvelle-Aquitaine is decreasing Despite new patients arriving from the Paris region on Friday, the number of resuscitation cases in New Aquitaine hospitals continues to decline. Public Health of France identified 257 people in intensive care or intensive care in hospitals in […]

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Patients carrying Covid-19 must arrive at Saint-Jean station in Bordeaux, to be hospitalized in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

48 Coronavirus Patients from Greater Paris are Evacuated to Nouvelle-Aquitaine, including 12 at the Bordeaux University Hospital

This Friday 10th April 2020, a medical TGV must transport 48 patients suffering from coronavirus from Île de France to hospitals in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This Friday, a medical TGV must transport 48 patients with Coronavirus Covid-19 from the Ile-de-France. They will be taken care of in different hospitals in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. 🏥 Depuis le Centre Hospitalier #RenéDubos de #CergyPontoise95 @GhtNovo transfert 🚑🚔 de 4 […]

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Coronavirus: Patient Transfers are Accelerating in France 1

Coronavirus: Patient Transfers are Accelerating in France

France has 2,606 deaths and 40,174 cases of infection, including 19,354 hospitaliSations, linked to Coronavirus Covid-19. France is still accelerating Monday 30th March 2020 the evacuations of patients with coronavirus from the Grand Est, particularly affected, while the epidemic continues to spread, with more than 2,600 dead. Read also: Coronavirus: 2,606 deaths, 19,354 people hospitalized… The results in France […]

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The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region has 1000 confirmed coronavirus cases

Coronavirus in Nouvelle-Aquitaine: The Region Exceeds 1,000 Confirmed Cases

HEALTH: The Regional Health Agency announces nine new deaths from Coronavirus Covid-19 in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region this Wednesday The epidemic continues to progress a little more in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This Thursday, the region passed the symbolic bar of 1,000 confirmed cases (1,007) of Coronavirus Covid-19 with 132 new cases identified by Public Health France.  As a reminder, these figures do not include […]

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Paris, March 21, 2020. A man walks past a banner thanking professions mobilized on the ground in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus in Nouvelle-Aquitaine: 65 New Confirmed Cases and Five New Deaths

PANDEMIC: This Monday, five people died, bringing the number of deaths in Nouvelle-Aquitaine to 13 since the start of the Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic The Coronavirus Covid-19 epidemic continues to progress in Nouvelle-Aquitaine with 65 new confirmed cases. These new cases bring the total of those confirmed to 656. According to the latest assessment from the Regional Health Agency (ARS), 149 […]

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