Brexit. It is “A Historic Alarm Signal, a Shock, a Sad Day”, says Emmanuel Macron

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Brexit is "a historic alarm signal, a shock, a sad day", says Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron sent a message to the French this Friday 31st January at 6.15 pm to explain the consequences of Brexit for France and for the European Union.

In a short video message recorded and broadcast in the media and on social networks, Emmanuel Macron spoke this Friday 31st January, on Brexit.

The Head of State wanted to record this sad and historic event and assure the French that in the negotiations that are opening [between the EU and the United Kingdom], he will defend the interests of France and the Union, specifies the French presidency.

” A shock “

The UK’s departure from the EU at midnight on Friday is a shock and a historic wake-up call for the whole of Europe, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday, just hours from Brexit.

This departure is a shock. It is a historic alarm signal which must resound in each of our countries, be heard by the whole of Europe and make us think, said the Head of State in a recorded statement. This Brexit is possible […] because also we have not changed our Europe enough, he added.

“Europe has not changed enough”

Britain’s exit from the European Union was made possible by the lies told during the June 2016 referendum campaign, but also because Europe has not changed enough, Emmanuel Macron also said.

We must remember at all times what lies can lead to in our democracies, he continued. This Brexit is possible, has been possible and comes into force in a few hours because we have too often made Europe a scapegoat for our own difficulties because also we have not changed our Europe enough. More than ever we need Europe, said Emmanuel Macron.

I am aware that Europe can only continue to move forward if we reform it in depth, to make it more sovereign, more democratic, closer to our fellow citizens and therefore also simpler in its daily life and that we succeed in rebuilding a clearer European project for all of you .

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