Euromillions: The Jackpot Will Increase from 190 to 250 Million Euros in 2020

Euromillions: the jackpot will increase from 190 to 250 million euros in 2020

This formula change, which will not be inconsequential for the intermediate draws of Euromillions will be implemented by the 4th February 2020. Details.

This is a first for 10 years: by February 4, 2020, the ceiling of the Euromillions jackpot will be raised! Set at 190 million euros since 2009, it will now reach 250 million euros, reports the website of the Belgian national lottery.

10 million more for each draw

In a word, once the amount of 200 million euros reached, and as no winner will be manifested, the pot will increase by 10 million each draw (five in all), to reach the final amount of 250 million of euros, specifies the specialist site

Once this step has been taken, and if no player has managed to tick the winning numbers, the jackpot will go back to the winners of the lower ranks.

In parallel, the 2020 version of the Euromillions – which could precede the Italian lottery Superenalotto, holder of the ultimate record in Europe with 209 million euros paid to a winner – plans to increase even more quickly the jackpots.

The site specifies:

“The rules of the distribution of bets having been modified, the growth of the jackpots will be also stronger in 2020 than with the old version 2016. Thus, it is to envisage amounts exceeding the bar of the 100 million of euros to numerous times from 2020 .”

Finally, there will be at least three super prizes at 130 million euros guaranteed.

Bad news for intermediate earnings

If these new rules promise to “energize the game as never since [its] creation,” the site says, it will, however, result in a significant decline in intermediate earnings.

Including between -9 and -57%, these budget cuts will affect all ranks:

  • For example, for 5 numbers + 1 star (rank 2) , the estimated gains go from 270 280 euros to 178 574 euros (a decrease of 33.93%)
  • For 5 numbers (rank 3) : from 27,990 euros to 18,558 euros (-33.69%)
  • For 4 numbers + 2 stars (rank 4) : from € 2,740 to € 1,157 (-57.78%)
  • For 1 number + 2 stars (rank 11) : from 9 euros to 5.95 euros (-33.94%), etc.

A 139 million chance of winning the jackpot

Asked, the FDJ did not wish to speak on the launch of this new formula.

It reassures, however, the players:

“These changes were made by mutual agreement with the entire European community. And the fundamentals will stay.”

Among them, the price of the grid, which will remain at 2.50 euros for French players, and the probability of chances of winning, a chance on 139 million different combinations to win the jackpot.

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