Euromillions: the jackpot will increase from 190 to 250 million euros in 2020

Euromillions: The Jackpot Will Increase from 190 to 250 Million Euros in 2020

This formula change, which will not be inconsequential for the intermediate draws of Euromillions will be implemented by the 4th February 2020. Details. This is a first for 10 years: by February 4, 2020, the ceiling of the Euromillions jackpot will be raised! Set at 190 million euros since 2009, it will now reach 250 million euros, reports the website […]

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Nobody won the Euromillions lottery this friday 19th October

Euromillions: The Numbers that Had to be Played this Friday 19th October

Nobody won the 49 million euros from the Euromillions this Friday 19th October Nobody won the 49 million euros from the Euromillions this Friday 19th October. It was necessary to play the following combination:  1 – 3 – 29 – 47 – 48 , as well as the two lucky stars  3  and  12. Two players have found the five good numbers […]

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Someone has won 36 million Euros in France on the Euromillions lottery

Euromillions: Someone in France, Still Anonymous, Wins 36 Million Euros

Tuesday 19th June, someone in France has won more than 36 million euros at EuroMillions. La Française des Jeux (FDJ) is still waiting for the winner to come forward … Someone has won more than 36 million euros at the EuroMillions on Tuesday 19th June, becoming the first winner of the Hexagon this year in the […]

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A man won a million euros in a tobacconist in Bellefontaine, Toulouse.

Toulouse: A Man Wins a Million Euros in a Tabac-Presse

Event in a tobacco shop in the Bellefontaine district of Toulouse, a man won a million euros on the Euromillions. A Nice trip is planned … Nobody knows his identity in the neighbourhood, but everyone knows that his bank account is now well stocked. A man bought a winning ticket in a tabac-presse of Bellefontaine district of Toulouse on Friday […]

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At Verteuil in the Charente, two childhood friends win one million in the Euromillions

Verteuil: Two Childhood Friends Win a Million Euros in the Euromillions

LOTTERY: After 10 years of playing, they get a winning Euromillions ticket … They played for 10 years in the Euromillions at 2 picks per draw. And on Friday 20th January, luck finally smiled at the two childhood friends of Verteuil-sur-Charente.  Their “My Million” code was drawn, which enabled them to win a whopping one […]

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A person from France and Ireland are joint winners on the Euromillions

Euromillions: The Prize Pool of 132 Million Shared Between a French and an Irishman

The French winner becomes the 10th biggest winner in the history of the National Lottery … A French winner is among the winners of the Euromillions. The prize pool of € 132 million at stake in Europe, was won on Friday night by two players, A person from France and a person from Ireland, announced […]

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