Weather in Lille: Forecast for Thursday 7th November 2019

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Weather in Lille: Forecast for Thursday, November 7, 2019 -

WEATHER: The day will remain grey in Lille, because of clouds that persist in the sky. Rain will fall. The temperatures will be 9 ° C in the morning and 10 ° C in the afternoon …

Today, Lille will have to wait before the clouds dissipate. A southwesterly wind will blow at 20 km/h. In the morning, clouds will not want to make way for the sun. Rain will fall on the city. It will be 9 ° C on average. Light showers will make the afternoon gloomy. The values ​​will be between 8 ° C and 11 ° C. In the evening, the wind will gradually move away from the clouds. Temperatures will be around 7 ° C. We will spend from Thursday to Friday on a clear night.

Tomorrow, the sun will gradually replace the clouds in Lille. A southerly wind will slightly cool the atmosphere. It will average 6 ° C in the morning. Temperatures will be 8 ° C minimum and 10 ° C highest in the afternoon. The weather should improve during the evening.

Changes are planned for the coming days. The weather in Lille will be cloudy Saturday but it will improve on Sunday.

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