MPs Say Yes to StopCovid App, Before Senate Vote Tonight

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A phone equipped with the StopCovid application, in Paris, on May 27, 2020.

MPs approved the start of the StopCovid app, which must track “contact cases”, to limit the spread of Covid-19. It would be downloadable this weekend.

While France is suspended from government announcements on act II of deconfinement, expected Thursday afternoon, the National Assembly approved, Wednesday 27th May 2020, the launch of the StopCovid application, with 338 votes “for “, 215” against “and 21 abstentions.

It must then be debated in the Senate in the evening.

A “liberticide” app for the opposition

The government is using the StopCovid smartphone application, a tracking tool that allows a person infected with coronavirus to automatically alert all users with whom they have had “prolonged contact” recently, within one meter and during more than fifteen minutes, so they can get tested in turn.

“The epidemic is not over”, “digital can help us even more”, launched the Minister of Health Olivier Véran Wednesday afternoon to deputies who, before the senators, debated this application criticized within by the majority for possible invasions of privacy.

On the left, the rebellious Jean-Luc Mélenchon led the charge against an “ineffective” and “liberticide” project.

“Ineffective” for lack of smartphones in a large part of the elderly, and “dangerous” because it enters the “intimate” sphere.

The Cnil gave the green light Tuesday, considering that the application respects the laws relating to the protection of the private life.

The French should be able to download this app this weekend. In total, the epidemic has killed at least 28,530 people in France, according to the Directorate General of Health.

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