A Country Walk

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Country Walk

This afternoonCountry Walk, as it was a bit milder today, we went a short Country Walk, just round the corner from where we live.  It was only out of one of the roads that lead out of the village, through the forest, the cider apple trees and a couple of farms.

It was a very pleasant and peaceful walf with the only sounds coming from the birds in the trees.  I was hoping to see a few more animals out and about, but I suppose it is still a bit too early in the year at the moment, and I will have to wait until around springtime, when the trees will be getting their leaves back and the temperatures will be milder.

I took a short video, to give you an idea of what I saw out and about.

Direct Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NAF8AW5SU4


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