Weather in Cantal: Morning Sun and Thunderstorms in the Afternoon

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The weather in Cantal will have the clouds will dominate the day, accompanied by a few stormy showers

The first day of October looks disturbed for the weather in Cantal, with the arrival of thunderstorms in the afternoon, followed by precipitation.

Hello to you all, we are on Tuesday 1st October 2019 and the weather in Cantal is not looking very good for the start of October. 

Stormy showers in the afternoon

At sunrise, the sun will pierce the few clouds present above the Cantal sky.

The temperatures will show about 10 degrees on average.  As the morning progresses, the temperatures will rise to 18 degrees by noon.

From 11 amsome showers will arrive from the west of Cantal.

Stormy showers in the afternoon across the Cantal department
Stormy showers in the afternoon across the Cantal department (Photo; Meteo France)

The situation will deteriorate more and more. In the afternoon, stormy showers will begin to fall on the Cantal.

The heavy rains will subside from 5pm, but will continue throughout the night.

The showers should continue until noon tomorrow.

Good day everyone!


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