Auto Test: BMW 1 Series, A New Generation Moving Forward

The new BMW 1 Series mutes traction propulsion ...

In designing the new Series 1, BMW enjoys the benefits of traction but retains all-wheel drive for its advanced engines. Its price starts at € 27,300.

Small revolution for the arrival of the 3rd generation of the 1 Series since BMW decided to mutate to drive in traction, repeating the same platform as its cousin, the Mini.

It is also equipped with a home technology that limits front wheel slip thanks to a torque divider whose computer is integrated directly into the engine control unit, and not into the control computer of the dynamic control system. stability.

The advantage is immediately improved starting efficiency, especially on wet ground, in curves and roundabouts where understeer is well neutralized. However, BMW has made the choice to move to the integral as soon as the engines approach and exceed 200 hp. A certain guarantee of security.

A new, original grille

The BMW 1 Series cockpit has perfect ergonomics, the central touch screen is oriented towards the driver.
The BMW 1 Series cockpit has perfect ergonomics, the central touch screen is oriented towards the driver. (© Philippe Lacroix)

The transition to traction was intended to provide more space in the cabin for the same size (4.32 m). The new Series 1 is available only in the 5-door version and with a width gaining 34 mm compared to the previous generation. The comfort of passengers is significantly improved with more room for their legs, especially at the front. The chest also finds its benefit. Now 380 litres, it reaches 1,200 litres when the rear seats are folded.

The cockpit has perfect ergonomics, and as is the custom at BMW, the central touch screen is oriented towards the driver, ideally positioned in its field of vision. The colour head-up display is also available, but optional.

As for the exterior styling of the Series 1, it remains typically BMW but with a shorter hood displaying a double grille with a wider and revisited honeycomb design, its two elements converging in the middle.

Three Diesel and two petrol engines at launch

The BMW 1 Series offers three diesel engines and two petrol engines.
The BMW 1 Series offers three diesel engines and two petrol engines. (© BMW)

The engine range of the new Series 1 consists of three diesel with a 3-cylinder 1.5-litre of 116 hp and a 4-cylinder 2-litre engine in 150 hp and 190 hp, while the gasoline is found in a 3-cylinder 1.5 litres of 140 hp and a 4 cylinder 2 litres of 306 hp. The latter, called M135i xDrive brings together all the ingredients of a modern sports car. It is served by a box of auto 8 reports well staggered but not reactive enough.

However, the power and its 450 Nm of torque are perfectly transmitted to 4 wheel drive controlled by a mechanical differential limited slip. However, the latter causes spurious reactions in the direction during strong acceleration. However, the M135i also knows how to remain wise and reasonable by advocating the comfort mode, rather than sport, of the active suspension.

With hello from BMW!

The new Series 1 inherits the many in-use driving aids on top-of-the-range BMW models, in series or optional depending on the degree of finish, such as the reverse assistant which memorizes the last movements of the steering wheel made in operation. before at a maximum speed of 36 km/h.

It is then able to steer the vehicle in reverse, over a distance of 50 m and at a maximum speed of 9 km/h, reproducing in the opposite direction the path followed by the vehicle in forward.

Difficult also to do without the digital expert, the interlocutor able to explain virtually all the functions of the car after activating the command “Bonjour BMW”. Talk with your car, it’s really the must.

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