Weather: Rainy Day Before the Return of the Sun for Cantal

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The day in Cantal will be again mixed with a little rain in the morning and sunny in the afternoon.

Hello everyone, it’s Friday 18th October 2019 and the latest forecast from Meteo France for the weather in Cantal is for another mixed day with rain in the morning and some sunshine in the afternoon.

Rain and clouds in the morning

At daybreak, the temperatures will be pretty lenient with 11 ° C average . The rain will be present, however, in the form of rare showers.

The showers will continue until the beginning of the afternoon, with an average temperature of 14 ° C.

The clearings will begin to arrive in the course of the afternoon, with a sky that will remain loaded.

Rain will dominate the morning in Cantal
Rain will dominate the morning in Cantal (© Météo France)

new disturbance will arrive in the early evening around 8 pm.

Rain will once again be in the game for this weekend, which looks particularly wet.

Good day everyone!

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