Seventeen “Small” Taxes will Disappear by 2021

Seventeen "small" taxes will disappear by 2021, announced Bercy

BUDGET: These taxes are judged to be low yield

They concern driving licenses, vaping products or food trucks and will soon no longer exist. Seventeen taxes deemed low yield will disappear by 2021, said Wednesday the Ministry of Economy and Finance, confirming information Le Figaro.

In detail, 13 taxes will disappear next year and four more in 2021.

Less than 100 million euros per year

In total, these 17 taxes had yielded less than 100 million euros per year to the state. The geothermal fees or the solidarity contribution on wheat and barley, which did not pay anything in 2018, are for example eliminated. The same fate is reserved for the tax on commercial travellers, inscribed in the Customs Code since 1949 as well as the fixed tax on the certificates of registration.

This year already, 17 taxes had been removed to simplify the “mille-feuille fiscal” French. Small taxes are those with a return of less than 150 million euros. In 2014, a report of the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) had identified 192, when Germany had only three and Italy 17.

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