Weather in Morbihan: Fresh, Windy but Always Sunny

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Weather in Morbihan this Thursday 19th September

The weather in Morbihan is similar to yesterday this Thursday 19th September 2019. The wind is still present on the coast giving a fresh air but still under the sun.

The sky remains clear this Thursday 19th September 2019. Météo Bretagne announces a time without the shadow of a cloud in all Morbihan. On the other hand, the wind will be present again. It will blow even stronger: up to 65km/h in Pénestin and Lorient.

The wind will remain a bit awkward this Thursday morning in Morbihan
The wind will remain a bit awkward this Thursday morning in Morbihan (© Météo Bretagne)

The temperatures are a little cooler than yesterday. There is no more than 7 ° at Guer or Pontivy, 8 ° at Malestroit and 9 ° at Faouet. The south of the department is softer: 11 ° in Hennebont, 11 ° in Sarzeau.

Gusts up to 65km/h on Belle-Île

Still no cloud in sight in the afternoon. But the wind continues to blow on Belle-Ile where we still expect gusts up to 65km / h. On the continent there will be around 50km / h in Lorient or Arzon and Pontivy.

The wind extends a little more inland
The wind extends a little more inland (© Météo Bretagne)

Temperatures stabilize a little before experiencing a new peak of heat this Friday. In the meantime we will stay at 20 ° at Faouet, 21 ° at Locminé or 22 ° at Lorient and Questembert.

The weather in Morbihan will be sunny this Thursday
Always sunny weather this Thursday, September 19, 2019. Enjoy it, it will not last. (© Météo Bretagne)

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