In Vendée, a Mayor Makes a Decree Obliging its Citizens to be in a Good Mood

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The joy will be compulsory Essarts en Bocage from October 5 to 11, 2019

The mayor of Essarts en Bocage (Vendée) has published a funny decree. The goal: to instil joy in his commune and avoid any form of gloom.

“Be in a good mood from 8 am to 10 pm every day”, “Give citizens the power to freely express their joy”, “Make at least ten people smile every day” … This is part of the articles that make up ‘decree of the mayor of Essarts en Bocage, a town near La Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée).

Freddy Riffaut, mayor of the town, decided to publish a decree on September 13th, “with the obligation to be in joy on the town of Essarts in Bocage from October 5th to 11th, 2019”.

An order that takes into consideration several points:

  • The high risk of bad mood at the arrival of autumn.
  • The speed at which a negative emotion can spread
  • The fact that the citizens of Essarts en Bocage wish to communicate the joy

We do not know how far the mayor is willing to go to force the citizens to spread the good mood in his town. Why not a fine? In any case, arrangements have been made to avoid any contamination of negative emotions, which could be risked to bring the flaps, angry or grumpy.

Obligation to laugh at least 3 times a day

Thus, from 5 to 11 October, no person who could block the expression of joy will be allowed to enter the territory of the commune. Good mood requires!

In article 6, the mayor even forces his fellow citizens to “laugh at least three times a day” to produce endorphins, hormones of happiness. In summary, there will be joy in Essarts en Bocage, from October 5th to 11th, 2019! And no derogation will be granted.

The creation of a “Week of Joy” label?

An order to take course in the second degree, since it is part of the 1st edition of City in joy :

“We expect this event a massive mobilization of our citizens so that the joy becomes contagious and shines on the town. This original initiative is an opportunity to create a meaningful and unifying state of mind.”

“Basically, we wanted to organize an annual cultural event around happy, positive themes. We want to inscribe this event in the long term, “ explains Mayor Freddy Riffaud.

“We also want to think about the creation of a label” Week of Joy “, which could spread everywhere in France. “

If you’re around, you can reserve your tickets for the Fuckers of Joy show and other events of this Week of Joy by clicking here.

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