Fuels in Luxembourg: Further Decline in the Price of Diesel

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Diesel will experience a further decline Tuesday, June 4, 2019 in Luxembourg.

The price of diesel per litre will drop again in Luxembourg, from Tuesday 4th June 2019. The fuel is again approaching the bar of 1.10 euro per litre.

A further decline in diesel prices will take place in Luxembourg on Tuesday 4th June 2019, ten days after one of the few decreases since the beginning of 2019.

2.5 cents less, no change for gasoline

Thus, the litre of diesel will be sold at 1.105 euros from Tuesday, a drop of 2.5 cents per litre, according to the Luxembourg daily L’Essentiel . The fuel flirts again with the bar of the litre to 1,10 euro, which it crossed on the 9th of April, after many increases.

For the moment, no change to report on the gasoline side, which saw a slight decline in its rates Tuesday, May 28. The unleaded 95 and the unleaded 98 are thus respectively 1.287 euro and 1.35 euro per litre.

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