Fuel Prices Decline in France

Fuel prices have fallen in France

At THE PUMP: This drop of fuel prices could be explained in part by a favourable geopolitical context

The fuel prices in France sold in French service stations fell last week, in the wake of crude oil prices, according to official figures released Monday.

Diesel fuel, the best-selling fuel with nearly 80% of volumes, was displayed at 1.4727 euro per litre on average, down 1.71 centime, according to weekly data published by the Ministry of the Transition ecological and solidarity .

Oil prices plummet again

For its part, the litre of unleaded petrol 95 (SP95) fell by 1.02 cents to 1.5841 euros. Similarly, unleaded 95 containing up to 10% ethanol (SP95-E10) lost 0.92 cents to 1.5577 euros. Finally, unleaded 98 (SP98) reached 1.6482 euro per litre, dropping 0.69 cents.

Fuel prices  at the pump vary according to several parameters such as the price of a barrel of oil, the euro-dollar exchange rate, the level of stocks of petroleum products and demand, as well as taxes.

Oil prices again plunged last Friday and ended May on their first monthly decline in 2019. They were plagued by current trade tensions between the United States and China, but also between Washington and Mexico City.

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