Yellow Vests: Paris, Toulouse, Amiens … What to Expect for this 28th Weekend of Mobilisation?

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Where are the yellow vests meeting this weekend

MEETINGS: The Yellow Vests Protesters are scheduled to gather in Amiens, the city where the President of the Republic grew up

“Yellow Vests” and electoral map in this weekend’s program. Demonstrations are planned everywhere in France on Saturday and Sunday, day of voting for the European elections and 28th week of mobilisation.

Several events are announced in Paris, according to Franceinfo . The police prefecture has banned the sectors of the Champs-Elysées, the National Assembly and Notre-Dame de Paris. Protesters were still meeting place of the Star. A Facebook event also counts several thousand people interested to gather at the cemetery of Père-Lachaise or Boulevard des Batignolles.

“Yellow vests” at Emmanuel Macron

In Amiens, the “yellow vests” want to demonstrate on the lands of the President of the Republic. “Macron, we are coming to get you at your place,” write the “yellow vests” on Facebook, planning a rally in the city where Emmanuel Macron grew up . The event will leave at 9 am from the station. The prefecture has put in place a security device.

Calls to protest in Montpellier and Lille, still broadcast on Facebook, gather a few hundred demonstrators on the social network. In Toulouse, two events are planned: Saturday and Sunday, with the slogan “Act 28: Warmer hotter than the climate!” “. Protesters are called to walk with their voter card. In Lyon, a rally was planned  before the explosion of a parcel bomb , linking “yellow vests” and climate. To see if it will be held considering the events of this Friday night.

Outside the French borders, it was in Brussels that some met on Sunday, day of voting. In the European capital, the organizers want to denounce “the European dictatorship” by calling for a peaceful demonstration.

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