The accident of a bus of the company Flixbus took place between Amiens and Saint-Quentin in the Somme

Somme: A Bus Accident makes 33 Wounded including Four Serious

ROAD ACCIDENT: The accident of a bus from the company Flixbus took place between Amiens and Saint-Quentin (Somme) Update, Sunday at 5pm: Among the passengers include eleven British, three Americans, two Spaniards, an Australian, a Dutch, a Romanian and a Russian. In a statement, Flixbus said it was in “close contact with the local authorities to […]

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Yellow vests continue their protests on the eve of European Elections

On the Eve of the European Elections, the Yellow Vests Continued with Act 28

Act 28 of Yellow Vests Saturday 25th May, 2019 was attended by 12,500 protesters, according to the Interior Ministry. The lowest participation rate since the beginning of the movement A hard core of yellow vests continued Saturday, May 25, 2019 to beat the pavement in France, including Amiens and Toulouse , during the 28th consecutive Saturday of demonstrations against the […]

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Where are the yellow vests meeting this weekend

Yellow Vests: Paris, Toulouse, Amiens … What to Expect for this 28th Weekend of Mobilisation?

MEETINGS: The Yellow Vests Protesters are scheduled to gather in Amiens, the city where the President of the Republic grew up “Yellow Vests” and electoral map in this weekend’s program. Demonstrations are planned everywhere in France on Saturday and Sunday, day of voting for the European elections and 28th week of mobilisation. Several events are announced in Paris, according to Franceinfo . The police […]

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Ligue 1 football match Dijon and Amiens interrupted after racist chants

Ligue 1: The Match Dijon-Amiens Interrupted a Few Minutes after Racist Cries

Prince Gouano, the captain of Amiens, was the victim of racist cries during the match against Dijon, Friday 12th April. The world of football condemns, the author was arrested. After Italy and England, France: the match of Ligue 1 between Dijon and Amiens was interrupted several minutes Friday because of racist cries aimed at a black Amiens player, last manifestation […]

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Ligue 1, The joy of Lille after the goal of José Fonte (g) against Nantes, September 22, 2018 in Villeneuve-d'Asc

Ligue 1: It’s Good for Lille and Strasbourg, Not for Nice and Caen

On Saturday, Lille reached second place on the Ligue 1 podium by defeating Nantes, while Strasbourg won against Amiens. But it’s less glorious for Caen and Nice. Metamorphosed, Lille is in second place in Ligue 1 after his success against Nantes on Saturday (2-1) in a sixth day that saw Nice relapse to Montpellier (1-0), and Saint-Etienne and Strasbourg to reconnect with the respectively […]

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Hauts-de-France offers job offers in Lille and Amiens!

Hauts-de-France: The Region Recruits in Lille and Amiens!

The Hauts-de-France region is looking for web developers, project managers and technical advisors for September 2018 in Lille (Nord) and Amiens. Details. Hauts-de-France – Jobs. Vacancies are located in Lille (Nord) and Amiens (Somme) . The Region is looking to recruit for jobs as web developer, project manager, project manager and technical adviser for the start of the school year. Until September […]

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Lou is the revelation of The Voice Kids

Lou’s Concert, the Revelation of The Voice Kids, Has Changed Dates for Amiens

The revelation of The Voice Kids, Lou will not sing in Amiens on June 16th, but on November 18th. The concert of Lou scheduled for Saturday 16th June was postponed to the date of the 18th November, starting at the same time of 6pm in the Auditorium megacity of Amiens. Tickets still valid Tickets already sold remain valid […]

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At the wheel of a Mercedes B class, it was controlled at a speed of 192km/h in the Somme

Somme: At 192km/h, Without his License and Narcotic, he Pretends to be his Brother

A man was caught speeding at 192km/h and under the influence of narcotics on the A16 near Amiens (Somme). Without a license and a repeat offender, he pretended to be his brother. 60km/h over speed and under narcotics. Sunday, March 11, around 17h, a man driving a Mercedes class B was controlled at a speed of 192km/h by the gendarmes of […]

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Barrier collapses at Amiens Lille football match injuring 29 people

Amiens: A Barrier Collapses During Football Match, Amiens vs Lille, 29 Injured including 5 Serious

The meeting of the 10th day of the championship of France was immediately interrupted … At least 29 Lille supporters were injured, five seriously, after a barrier in the Amiens stadium collapsed under their weight as they celebrated the opening goal of their team, causing the interruption of the meeting of the 10th day of […]

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The dispute over the closure of the Whirlpool factory in Amiens is invited in the debate between the two towers. | Photo EPA.

Presidential: Macron Meets Whirlpool in Amiens, Le Pen Visits Factory

After giving some sense that victory seemed sure to him, Emmanuel Macron returns to the country, on Wednesday in his hometown, Amiens to meet stewards of the Whirlpool plant, and before a meeting tonight in Arras. But Marine Le Pen decided to visit Whirlpool factory instead. In this land of Hauts de France, where Le […]

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