13 Injured in an Explosion in Lyon: Antiterrorist Investigation, Man Wanted for Attack

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Bomb attack in Lyon, Man wanted

This Friday 24th May, 2019, a parcel bomb exploded rue Victor Hugo in Lyon (Rhone), an act described as an “attack” to President Emmanuel Macron.

A blast sounded in the center of Lyon (Rhône) , this Friday 24th May, 2019, around 5.30pm. 13 people were injured . The explosion occurred at the rue Victor Hugo, in the second arrondissement of town.

Parcel left

The area was evacuated and cordoned off by the police, says the prefecture, which confirms that people are only slightly. The public prosecutor is on the scene and ensures that the parcel trail is preferred. 

The antiterrorist section of the Paris prosecutor’s office took the investigation.

Screws and bolts

According to a police source, the parcel bomb contained “screws or bolts” and was dropped in front of a bakery at the corner of two streets near Place Bellecour, in the heart of the city.

A thirty-year-old wanted

A man in his thirties, riding on a black mountain bike and seen close to the scene at the time of the facts, is wanted by the police, according to a source close to the file.

No track is preferred at this stage as to its profile and its motivations.

This suspect was filmed by the CCTV cameras of the city, according to the mayor of the 2nd district, Denis Broliquier.

An 8 year old girl injured

“An 8 year old girl was injured (…). We are rather reassured since obviously there is no serious injury but on the other hand we have a certainty, it was an explosive device, “said Denis Broliquier, mayor of the 2nd district of the city, adding that the suspect could be filmed by CCTV cameras.

It exploded and I thought it was a car accident (…) There were bits of electrical wires around me, piles and bits of cardboard and plastic. The windows were exploded, “said Eva, a 17-year-old high school student still emotionally charged, who was 15 meters from the scene of the blast.

” I heard a noise. By calling the shops downstairs, I was told it was a parcel bomb, “testified a resident. “There was a good explosion. I thought it was gas but there was no smoke so it could not be gas, “said a shopkeeper.

An “attack” for Emmanuel Macron

France is preparing to vote on Sunday to elect its deputies to the European Parliament. Voting has started in several member states since Thursday, including the United Kingdom.

In an interview with a Youtuber, about these elections, Emmanuel Macron said that there was “an attack in Lyon (…) it is not up to me to take stock, but a priority, today, at this point, there is no victim. There are wounded, so I want to have a thought for the wounded, their families. ”

The country had not seen a parcel bomb attack since December 2007, when an explosion in a law firm – whose reasons have so far remained unexplained – had left one dead and one injured.

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