Toulouse: A Cyclist Seriously Wounded by a White Van, Police Call for Witnesses

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In Toulouse, a cyclist is seriously injured after an accident with a white van

A cyclist was overthrown by a white van who fled on Sunday 12th May, 2019, in Toulouse. The victim is seriously injured. Police call for witnesses.

woman who was riding a bicycle is currently fighting for her life, having been hit on Sunday, May 12, 2019, in Toulouse, in the area of ​​the Pont des Demoiselles. 

A man spills her up and runs away

The facts occurred around 2 pm, Avenue de Crampel. According to witnesses who witnessed the scene, a man driving a small white utility van overturned the cyclist without stopping after the accident.

He then fled to Goudouli Street.

The victim enters life and death

The victim was taken care of by the rescue and transported by firefighters to the Rangueil Hospital. At the moment, her vital prognosis is very serious, according to our information.

The police call for witnesses to find the fugitive, whose “the vehicle, a white van, is likely to be damaged at the front after the accident.”

Anyone with information on the exact causes of this traffic accident is invited to contact the Toulouse Crash and Crime Brigade at 05 61 12 75 33, 05 61 12 78 93, or 05 61 12 76 62.

Outside office hours: 05 61 12 77 77.

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