Seine-et-Marne: The Equivalent of 3 Weeks of Rain in a Few Hours

Local News
Heavy rain in Seine et Marne

Heavy rains have fallen since Friday night on the Seine-et-Marne.

Since Friday 10th May, 2019 in the late afternoon, it is a real deluge that falls on the south of the Ile-de-France. in the Seine-et-Marne. 

In a few hours, it fell the equivalent of 3 weeks of precipitation in some places.

This is particularly the case in Combs-la-Ville where there is 41 mm of rain.

For this first day of the Ice Saints, the situation will not improve.

A depression crosses the north of the country bringing sustained rains this morning from the Paris Basin to the Hauts-de-France.

According to Météo 77 , the morning will be rainy and windy followed by an afternoon that will be in the form of showers (locally stormy) with clearings that will be created and will become larger and wider at the end of the day. The wind will remain strong under the showers in the afternoon.

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