Apple is developing AI to compete with ChatGPT and Bard

AI: Apple is Secretly Creating its own Chatbot to Compete with ChatGPT or Bard

INNOVATION: With Apple GPT, the American giant seeks to do what Bard, ChatGPT and Bing AI are already doing Apple is in the running and does not intend to be left behind. The American giant is working on artificial intelligence tools capable of challenging the models developed by OpenAI with ChatGPT or even Google with Bard, reports Bloomberg. But no clear strategy has yet […]

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ChatGPT will soon be on Smartphones

Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT Arrives on Smartphones

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE:  Available on iPhones in the United States, the ChatGPT app should arrive “soon” in other countries and on Android phones OpenAI on Thursday launched a mobile application for ChatGPT, its generative artificial intelligence (AI) interface that is already experiencing phenomenal growth on the web, and whose impressive capabilities fascinate and worry. The new […]

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Bruno Le Maire tested ChatGPT AI to write a speech on China

ChatGPT: Bruno Le Maire Tested AI to Write a Speech on China

TECHNOLOGICAL PROWESS: The Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire is fascinated by ChatGPT ChatGPT fascinates even the Minister of Economy. And if we are to believe Bruno Le Maire, the artificial intelligence created by OpenAI could even write political speeches. Questioned by Cmedia on France 5 this Sunday, the Minister of the Economy admitted to having tested ChatGPT to write a speech on China. “I tested, […]

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How to remove bloatware from Windows 10

Windows 10: Here’s How to Erase all Bloatware from your PC in a Command Line

A young engineer has found a technique to create an installation of Windows 10 free of unnecessary software. The solution is ideal if you want to do without any software, because everything takes place in PowerShell. Microsoft is constantly improving its operating system. Even though Windows 10 and 11 always offer more features and programs, the majority of users […]

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Chrome remains the most used browser in the world

Chrome Remains the Most Used Browser in the World, Edge Reaches a Plateau, Firefox Regresses

Statcounter has released its annual desktop browser market share distribution table worldwide. Chrome remains firmly anchored in the first position. Edge occupies the second step of the podium, but seems to stagnate. Browser usage statistics published by Statcounter confirm that Chrome remains by far the most widely used desktop browser in the world. It is the browser chosen by […]

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Microsoft Onedrive experiencing problems for users

OneDrive Failure: Unable to Access Files on Microsoft’s Service

The year is off to a good start for OneDrive users. Indeed, Microsoft’s online storage service has been experiencing many difficulties since this morning. Users can no longer access their files in particular. On this Monday 2nd January 2023, the OneDrive cloud storage service opened the ball for the first outages of the year. Indeed, if you’re used […]

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Office 365 and Google Drive are not welcome in French schools, even if they are free

Office 365 and Google Drive are Not Welcome in French Schools, Even if They are Free

The question to the government of MoDem deputy Philippe Latombe is an opportunity for clarification concerning the use of American online services in schools. More than a question of unfair competition, it is the security of national data that is at stake. On August 30th, the elected official challenged the Minister of National Education about the […]

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Xbox live is changing to Xbox Network

Microsoft: Xbox Live Services Changes to Xbox Network

VIDEO GAMES: This name change will clearly distinguish its paid Xbox Live Gold offer from the old Xbox Live service. Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online gaming service since 2002, is changing its name. It will become Xbox Network, reports an article from The Verge relayed by 01Net on Tuesday. By renaming it like this, the American firm wants to avoid confusion with its Xbox Live Gold subscription […]

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Windows 10 update causes BSOD for some users

Windows 10: Latest Update Causes Issue on Some Computers

UPDATE: Latest Windows 10 Update Causes Some Users to Appear Blue Screen of Death As usual, Microsoft recently released its Patch Tuesday, a security update released every second Tuesday of the month. The December edition fixed no less than 22 significant security vulnerabilities discovered in Microsoft operating systems. Unfortunately, for some users, the update resulted in an annoying issue. The […]

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We have selected ten titles among the best video games of the year 2020

On PS4, PS5 and XBox. Our Pick of the Best Video Games of 2020 for Christmas

Christmas is coming and you want to give video games. Are you hesitating? You will find your happiness among these titles released in 2020, which we have tested and selected for you! Christmas is approaching and you want to please by offering, or by treating yourself, video games, among the best released in 2020 on PlayStation 4, Playstation 5  or Xbox? You’re […]

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