Loire-Atlantique. A 15 Year Old Boy Killed in a Collision with a Camping Car

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Tragic accident in the Loire-Atlantique

Dramatic accident, Sunday evening, in the village of La Chapelle-des-Marais (Loire-Atlantique). A 15-year-old boy did not survive his injuries.

The collision between a scooter and a camping car occurred a little before 8.30pm on Sunday 12th  May, in the town center of La Chapelle-des-Marais (Loire-Atlantique).

The boy riding his bike along rue de la Brière in La Chapelle-des-Marais and the vehicle occupied by a couple from Saint-Hilaire-de-Rietz (Vendée) arrived from the Boulevard de la Gare. The circumstances that led to the tragic accident are the subject of the investigation under the direction of the prosecutor’s office of Saint-Nazaire. The driver’s blood alcohol test was negative.

The young boy who lived in Herbignac was hit in the head. Attempts to revive him have been in vain despite the intervention of firefighters and the Emergency Medical Service.

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