Labour law: #NuitDebout … New evacuation of protesters Republic Square

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Police are evacuating Republic Square in Paris after another night of protests

The collective “Night Stand” born of protest against the labour law, spent their second night outside before being evacuated by the police …

They were still many last night. The police have indeed moved in this Saturday morning to a new evacuation of protesters, who occupied the Republic Square in Paris to oppose the labour law. “80 militants were evacuated at 5:25am, the evacuation went well,” according to authorities.  The gathering place of the Republic square had not been authorized.

In the evening, the Facebook page of Night standing reported a “huge crowd” gathered in Republic Square, a photo showing hundreds of people gathered.

The former spokesman of the NPA (New Anti-capitalist Party), Olivier Besancenot, has meanwhile protested against evacuation.

The mobilization is not weakening

A first “night stand” had already taken place on the night of Thursday to Friday in the wake of the protest against the El khomri labour law.  Fifty protesters who had spent the night at the Republic had been evicted by the police on Friday morning.

Mobilization against the labour bill have gained momentum since Thursday despite the concessions from the government on the text.  Several shows were interspersed with clashes with security forces who arrested more than a hundred people.

During the previous day of action on March 9th, by the call of the same organizations, the authorities had claimed just 224,000 protesters and organizers claimed between 400,000 and 500,000 took part.


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