Weather in Charente: A Little Warmer despite Cloudy Sky

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The weather in the Charente will be a little bit warmer despite the cloudy sky

WEATHER FORECAST: It will be a bit warmer in the Charente today, despite the cloudy sky

It is mild this morning in the Charente with 9 degrees in the countryside and 10 degrees in Angouleme.

The sky is slightly clouded by clouds of altitude from the west and will remain until tonight, although no rain is forecast, in actual fact quite the opposite.

According to Meteo France, the temperatures climb, since it will be 21 degrees in Angoulême and Cognac.

A southeast wind will blow moderately.

Warmer Temperatures this afternoon in the Charente
Warmer Temperatures this afternoon in the Charente (Photo: Meteo France)
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