Weather in Cantal: A Day Without Rain, with Sun for the Day

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A beginning of the week, marked by the return of the sun for the Cantal

A start of the week without rain is forecast for the Cantal, with rising temperatures.

Hello everyone, it’s Monday 29th April 29,and here is the latest forecast for the day for the Cantal.

A day without a raindrop

After several days of rain and bad weather, the start of the week promises more pleasant.

The day will be marked by sunny spells that will punctuate the morning and afternoon according to the latest forecast from Meteo France.

Not a drop in the program of this day in Cantal
Not a drop in the program of this day. (© Meteo France)

As for the temperatures, they will rise slowly , reaching an average of 13 degrees, or even 16 degrees at Maurs.

The following days will also be very pleasant with the return of the sun for all the department.

Have a lovely day everybody !


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