At 23, Théo is the youngest fisherman in the port of Le Croisic

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The youngest fisherman in Le Croisic

Théo Couedel has just taken over his father’s boat. On board the Den Heliga, he leaves every day off the coast of Le Croisic.

For nearly a year, Théo Couedel has cruised our coasts aboard the Den Heliga , a gillnet, trawler and 9.40 m trawler . A boathe knows well. It was his father who bought it 7 years ago. At just 23, he’s already a business owner, owning his own boat. He is the youngest fishing master of the Le Croisic harbor .

A pride for Mickaël Couedel, his dad, who did not hesitate to leave the bar of his boat. A nice boost for the young boss.

“A new boat, it takes 800 000 €. “>

Fisherman’s son and grandson

Having graduated from the Etel Maritime Fishing School 4 years ago, the 200 captain’s diploma in his pocket, for Theo, taking over from his father was obvious. “I did not see myself doing anything else. I tried to work at the autonomous port. I held only a few months. ”

Fishing, he has it in the genes.

“My grandfather was also a fisherman. He started on the Loire at Couëron before settling here at Le Croisic because there were more fish.”

The harbor and its sailors were born and grow Theo. He was 4 when he first went to sea with his father. “We bought him a little wax. He was taking the broom and polishing the bridge. When he was not at sea, he went on the train to fish for shells, “recalls Maryline, his mother.

A passion that never left him despite the seasickness that gnawed at its inception. On the contrary. “I thought it would happen. And I was right, “says this young father.

“We do not count his hours”

On shore, he can count on the support of his mother – also a fisherman’s daughter – who handles accounting. “There are a lot of paperwork. It would be too much to handle without her help, “says the young fisherman boss.

Fishing, a difficult job? Not for Théo Couedel:

“It is a profession where one is free. We do our thing, we do not count his hours. When there is fishing, you have to go.”

With his sailor, he leaves for the day. “I fish all year according to the seasons. Summer trawling, winter traps and shells. He knows that to succeed in his environment, he must be versatile. As his father confirms  : “There is a future for fishing. The fish sells well but for it to work, it is necessary to diversify and value its product. “

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