Brexit: British "huge concessions" in negotiations

Brexit: British “Huge Concessions” in Negotiations

UNITED KINGDOM: The British would have given in on very important points relating to fishing in Brexit negotiations The British have made “huge concessions” in the Brexit negotiations, a French government source said on Wednesday. The negotiators of the United Kingdom have agreed to give in on very important points relating to fishing, said this source, that is to say the […]

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Brexit: "Not sure" to have an agreement with the British by the end of the year, warns Macron

Brexit: “Not Sure” to Have an Agreement with the British by the End of the Year, warns Macron

NEGOTIATIONS: Negotiations are just beginning between the UK and the EU on the exit terms of Brexit It is far from over. Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday that he was “not sure” that negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom will be successful by the end of 2020, while  Brexit is now in effect. “I am not sure that we will have a […]

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson and EU negotiator Michel Barnier on October 17, 2019 in Brussels.

EU and London Join Post-Brexit Battle

The European Union and the United Kingdom must agree on the new contours of their relationship, in particular on the commercial level. Fishing is a major issue. The European Union and the United Kingdom embark on Monday 3rd February 2020 in the post-Brexit battle by displaying the red lines of their future relationship, which remains to be built at the cost of arduous […]

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In announcing the Brexit, Guernsey suspended access to fishing areas within the 6-12 mile perimeter around the island. The fishermen of Cherbourg counter-attack!

Brexit: After Guernsey Decision, Cherbourg Fishermen Threaten to Block Landing

In announcing the Brexit, Guernsey suspended access to fishing areas within the 6-12 mile perimeter around the island. The fishermen of Cherbourg counter-attack! Tensions about fishing in Anglo-Norman waters. On Saturday, the government of Guernsey temporarily suspended access to fishing areas located within the 6-12 mile perimeter around the island. If the first political reactions were reassuring, the Cherbourg fishermen […]

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Japan resumes commercial whaling after 30 years of interruption

Japan Resumes Commercial Whaling after 30 years of Interruption

To explain their decision, the Japanese believe that whales are marine resources such as fish, usable on the basis of scientific criteria. Japan is officially reviving commercial whaling on Monday, recognizing the six-month-old decision to leave the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and break a three-decade moratorium. “We believe that whales are marine resources like fish and that they can […]

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Fishing Competition announced near Châteaubriant at Fercé

Near Châteaubriant, A Fishing Contest Organized on the 19th May

A trout fishing competition awaits you Sunday 19th May, 2019 in Fercé near Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique). Details. Change of program, this year, to the festival committee of Fercé (Loire-Atlantique) . Usually, these are the hikes that can be found in May. But this year, place for fishing competitions at the pond of Bois Péan . A few days ago, the volunteers cleaned around the pond […]

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The youngest fisherman in Le Croisic

At 23, Théo is the youngest fisherman in the port of Le Croisic

Théo Couedel has just taken over his father’s boat. On board the Den Heliga, he leaves every day off the coast of Le Croisic. For nearly a year, Théo Couedel has cruised our coasts aboard the Den Heliga , a gillnet, trawler and 9.40 m trawler . A boathe knows well. It was his father who bought it 7 years ago. At just 23, he’s already […]

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For this new season, 13 releases are planned at Saint-Maurice-lès-Charencey (Orne).

Normandy: Opening of the Fishing Saturday 17th March, 2018 in Saint-Maurice-lès-Charencey

13 trout releases are planned this year at the village pond of Saint-Maurice-lès-Charencey (Orne), before the opening of the fishing on Saturday 17th March, 2018. The fishermen’s association of Saint-Maurice-lès-Charencey (Orne) , chaired by Dominique Nouaux, held its general assembly at the town hall of Saint-Maurice, in the presence of Jean-Claude Juszezak, Mayor of Charencey. During last season, […]

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Fishing is suspended in the lake Le Torche in Chateaubriant, until September 29.

Chateaubriant: No Fishing in the lake of Le Torche

Sunday 3rd September, about 250 dead fish were discovered in the lake of le torche, in Chateaubriant. An order was issued prohibiting fishing on the lake, until the circumstances of the fish deaths can be ascertained … This Sunday 3rd September, dead fish were discovered in the lake of le torche in Chateaubriant. Firefighters, city police […]

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Fishing rights could be at the heart of Brexit negoitiations

Brexit: Fishing at the Heart of Negotiations

The UK will engage this month the Brexit process of starting to leave the European Union. French fishing rights could be reduced by 75%. The Brexit give cold sweats to the French fishermen. About 30% of their catches depend on British waters, and 50% rather, between the Nord – Pas-de-Calais and Brittany. Almost without possibility […]

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