After the Announcements of Emmanuel Macron, Mobilisation Test for the Yellow Vests

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After the announcements of Emmanuel Macron, What will the mobilisation of the Yellow Vests be like today

Two days after the press conference of the President of the Republic, Yellow Vests return to the streets this Saturday 27th April, 2019.

Two days after the announcements of Emmanuel Macron, perceived by many of them as “blabla” without impact on their daily lives, the “yellow vests” go down the street again Saturday 27th April, 2019, a test of their mobilisation .

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In Strasbourg, a “national and international” event

After Toulouse for act 23 of the movement, the eyes turn to Strasbourg , where a call was launched for a “national and international” event .

At one month of the European elections, the organizers hope to attract German and Belgian protesters to the city seat of the European Parliament.

However, no “structured movement from abroad” was announced Friday, according to a police source.

The prefecture has taken precautions by prohibiting any demonstration in certain areas of the historic center of the city, on the square of the station as well as around the European institutions – European Parliament but also European Court of Human Rights and Council of Europe. Europe.

So far, the demonstrations of “yellow vests” have remained of moderate magnitude in the Alsatian capital.

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Nearly 30,000 yellow vests on the streets every week

On Saturday, April 20, the “yellow vests” were 27,900 to beat the pavement throughout France , according to the Ministry of the Interior, 100,000 according to their own count.

A mobilisation down, except in Paris where the number of demonstrators had almost doubled compared to the previous week and where a surge of tension had been recorded, with 178 people placed in custody.

Demonstration of "yellow vests" in front of the European Parliament, Strasbourg, 23 February 2019.
Demonstration of “yellow vests” in front of the European Parliament, Strasbourg, 23 February 2019. (© AFP / Archives / PATRICK HERTZOG)

The “yellow vests” then intended to issue an “ultimatum” to President Macron, who had not yet spoken to try to come out of almost six months of social crisis.

Thursday, during a major press conference at the Elysee Palace, the President of the Republic promised to deploy “more officials on the ground”, to lower income tax, to remove the ENA or even to re-index pension benefits of less than 2000 euros to inflation.

The scale of the mobilization for Act 24 will measure the reaction of the “yellow vests”.

Friday, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner lamented that their reactions to the announcements of Emmanuel Macron were “already written” before the intervention of the Head of State.

“Anyway, I’m not sure that (their) claims, that I do not know any more, waited for any answer,” added the minister, on the sidelines of a trip to Fuveau (Bouches-du-Rhône).

Snail operation on the periphery of Lyon, “walk on the media” in Paris, night walk in Cambrai (North), deployment of a giant yellow vest at the top of the Roche Solutré (Saone-et-Loire) … From the smallest to bigger, events are announced in the four corners of France.

In Toulouse, it will again be prohibited to demonstrate on the Capitol Square from 10am to 21h but a call for “yellow vests in the center” was nevertheless launched for the early afternoon.

In Lille, Rennes or Rouen, demonstrations will also be banned in the center. In Paris, the prohibited perimeter will include the Champs-Elysées, the Elysée, the surroundings of the National Assembly and Notre-Dame.

A display Var, pro "yellow vests" comments the news in 4 by 3, in La-Seyne-sur-Mer, April 25, 2019.
A display Var, pro “yellow vests” comments the news in 4 by 3, in La-Seyne-sur-Mer, April 25, 2019. (© AFP / Christophe SIMON)

“He made us his big blah, he’ll get his answer”

While some groups of “yellow vests” will skip this Saturday to focus on the organization of the day of May 1st, convergences between trade unionists and “yellow vests” are already scheduled this Saturday.

In Paris, a demonstration that will leave the district of Montparnasse under the slogan of “Riposte générale”, at the call of the CGT, intends to bring together trade unionists, “yellow vests”, “pink vests”, white coats, unemployed or still students.

In Nice, “the great world appointment for all is the 1st May,” suggests Alex “yellow vest” and former driver in conversion in construction.

“(Emmanuel Macron) made us his big blah, he will have his answer.”

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